On August 16, 2003, Ronnie Collins, WHS '64,  hosted the third all-WHS cookout at his home in Premier, WV.
           As usual, when you get a bunch of former WHS students and friends together, there is a lot of visiting and a lot of gabbing.  Presented below and on the following pages are some displays of what we do best (visit and gab!).

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We'd never even think of having an all-WHS picnic without our Maroon Wave cake.
Rhonda Lane Goad, WHS '69, treated us to this beauty.....it was right tasty too.

Yummy chocolate cake!

It rained a lot off and on all day, but Ronnie had planned ahead for rainy day activities.  Some time back, he had acquired a large box of old school pictures, many of people we recognized but just could not definitely identify.  What an excellent opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone! Ronnie dumped all those pictures onto his pool table and let us have at 'em.   I wish I could have recorded the many conversations that resulted from this venture.   One of the guys (I promised not to tell who) was heard to repeat over and over, "Oh, I remember her! She was such a pretty girl and I dated her a couple of times."   Well of course he did; he was "such a handsome boy" -- still is!

Norma Jacovitch McKinney isn't sure she recognizes the face in this picture or not.  Somebody across the table is SURE Norma knows the person in this particular photo.  Phylenia Snow French quickly annotates names of classmates she remembers on the backs of the photos before she forgets them again!  While taking these pictures I noticed most of these women were barefooted.  I asked if this was because they were trying to keep Ronnie's carpets clean......NO, they just like going barefoot inside the house.  These are real Wesginny gals!

Barefoot girls

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