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Sue Cardea, Connie Collins & Russell Rice

Sue Cardea, Connie Collins & Russell Rice

Always patient and ever so dear, husbands David Goad and Buddy French
visit while their spouses,  Rhonda Lane and Phylenia Snow are walking down On the Hill memory lane.

David Goad & Buddy French

Tammy Collins Scott with cousin Debbie Fox seen here talking with Tammy's son, Barry Scott.
Kim, Barry's girlfriend is sitting with her back to the camera, AND that's Phylenia Snow French's yummy orange chiffon cake to the left.
Ronnie and I shared (nearly fought over!) a left-over piece of that cake for breakfast the morning after the picnic!

Tammy, Debbie, Kim, Barry

Jimmy Dalton, Guy Sutphin, Sandy Bright and Pete Plymale shooting the ....breeze on Ronnie's front porch.

Jimmy, Guy, Sandy & Pete

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