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The sun did eventually show its face.  And here are a group of folks lapping up the rays in Ronnie's beautiful front yard:
L-R are Paul & Judy (Christian) Thomas, Betty (Chaos) Rice, Linda (Spencer) & (standing to her left) husband, Guy Sutphin, Pat (Bright) Steele, Elinor (Turner) Bright, and standing behind Elinor are Sue Cardea and Lloyd Asbury.

group sitting outdoors

Still sporting that lovely red hair, Ruth Ann Cook Urps discovers some of those beautiful WHS Sensational Sixties t-shirts.
Not many of these t-shirts are left but if you want to see if one is available in your size, contact Ronnie at roncolwv@earthlink.net.

   Ruth Ann Cook Urps

  Bing Bang!  I saw the whole gang....wearing Sensational Sixties t-shirts.

Handsome group of WHS Alumni

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