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This page contains obituaries of former WHS students and faculty as reported in Welch and Bluefield newspapers and from other sources.   We began compilation of this information May 31, 1999, and will include additional information as it becomes available.  If you have news of any former students or staff members who have passed on,  please click HERE  to let us know. This information is being obtained from a variety of sources so please notify us of any needed corrections.   Note that in some situations, we only have a name and a date.  If you can provide additional information, please feel free to do so.  10/18/99 Update:  In order to keep this web page in a condition easy for you to access and read, we will be cutting back on some of the details shown with the death notices.  It will be necessary to limit some of the earlier notices to name and date only.  03/23/00 Update:   A star (*) has been inserted by the names most recently added to this list.  The search function at the top of this page can be used to determine if there is other information on the web site about the deceased.  12/18/00 Update: Names of these and other deceased classmates are listed HERE  by  year of  graduation.  01/14/02 Update:  Yearbook photos of deceased classmates can be seen HERE.

Click on the name to link to the obituary:

Agee, Elizabeth LaNelle
Allen, R. J.
 Allen, Robert Wayne
Amici, Amedeo Armando Jr.
 Arkell, David
 Arrington, Thelma Mae Barton
 Balcoe, Charles W.
 Barnett, Brenda Sizemore
 Bary, Lewis
Battlo, Tony J.
 Beavers, Lester K.
Beckett, Stella V. Evans
 Belcher, Angie Virginia Bowling
Belcher, Mary Anne Southern
Bennett, Clara M. Jones
Bennett, John Wilburn Eugene
 Bignotti, Frank John
 Bishop, Pola Noe
 Bishop, Rondal R.
* Bishopric, Anne Straub 
 Bowles, Anna Marie White
Boyd, Sarah Lou Meade
 Bradford, Carolyn Sue Mowdy
 Brunschwyler, Richard Grant
 Burks, Flora Angela
 Cannoy, Beverly Elizabeth
 Cardona, Mario
 Carriger, Albert Jr.
 Casali, Liberty
Chaffins, William Sr.
 Ciampanella, Charles Benny
Clark, Betty Lou Blankenship
Clark, Eva Sikora
Combs, Jeffrey
Cooper, Glenn
Cox, Ruth Joyce
 Clark, Elizabeth Young
Collins, Carolyn Ciampanella
 Crockett, Robert N. Jr.
 Dalton, James Douglas
David, John Lane
 Davis, Barbara Duncan
Day, Emanuel Carlisle
 Del Cont, Mario
Delap, Beverly Ann Vallo
 Dennis, Alexis Ruth Garnett
 Dillon, Larry
 Doss, Bobby L.
Douglas, Robert O.
  Dunn, Cheryl Lynn
Dunn, Harley W.
 Eanes, Herbert "Ebbie" Jr.
 Eanes, Raymond Lee
 Earnest, Cynthia Cardea
 Earnest, Irene Cardea
Edwards, Kathryn Noel
 England, Carol Roberts
 England, Roy
 Farmer, Thomas
 Farris, Alma Jones
 Farthing, Glenn Wesley
 Fazio, Joseph
 Forbes, Gordon Armentrout
* Farthing, Jack D. 
 Foster, Julius "Corky"
 Fowler, Frank
 Francisco, Emogene Shannon
Franklin, Roy
Freeman, Thomas Wymer
Footo, Angelene Battlo
Gallegos, Pamela Money
 Garnett, Ruth Baker
 Gaminde, Joseph
Gattuso, Cecilia
 Gillespie, Vicki Worthington
Gillies, Lillian Gregory
Gilmer, Maxine Turner
 Gojekian, Sandra Stacy
 Gouge, Donald
 Gray, Artemis
 Gray, Robert
 Greathead, Doris Yost
 Greathead, Thomas Conklin
Green, Winifred Anne
Greer, Andrew
Grubb, Vista Day
Hamby, Robert F.
Hanshaw, Melvin Randolph
  Hardee, Mildred E. Hendricks
Hardin, Kathryn D.
 Hardison, Frederick B.
Hardy, Jesse Obadiah
 Harless, Geneva
Harless, Marvin
Harman, James Kiah
 Harman, Yolanda Ricci
Harrah, Mary Grego
Harris, Syrethia Chatten
 Harsanyne, Mary Ortiz
Hatmaker, Albert N.
Hawthorne, Nick
 Hawthorne, Pauline Nance
Hazelden, Cookie Byrd
 Hicks, Richard Lee
 Holland, Karen D.
 Hollandsworth, Luther C.
 Huffman, Irene Rotenberry
 Hughes, Randle B.
 Hunter, Kermit
Hurt, John F.
Hylton, Clelia Cook
Hymes, Paris
  Ingram, Ronald L.
 Isabelle, Deberah
 Isherwood, Larry Timothy
Jancha, Lila Arnold Driver
Jarvis, George
  Jennings, Donna Fay
Johns, Johnnie Jr.
 Johnson, Donald L.
Jones, Jerry
 Jones, Raymond Earl
Jordan, Sharon
Juno, Frances
 Kailing, William
Karides, Betty J. Harman Burcham
 Kennedy, Judith Lynn Mills
 Kish, Stephen Lee, Jr.
 Lackey, William Herbert
 Lambert, Charles Lee
 Landreth, Arthur Robert
 Larese, Edward John
 Larkin, Tony
Las, Helen
 Lassak, Joseph Stanley
Layne, S. Earl Jr.
 Legato, James
 Lester, James
 Lindsey, Shirley McPeake
Liontakis, Louis
 Litz, Sam
Lovett, William B., Jr.
Lucado, Boyd E.
 Lucas, Terry
 Lucion, Anthony
McClure, John E.
McCoy, Daniel Lee
 McGan, Richard
McKamey, Jimmie Lee
Mabe, Doren L.
 Mabry, Connie Samuel
Mabry, Randal
 Marino, Jimmy
 Marushia, John
Mather, Lillian Zaccagnini
Matney, Chester Monroe
Mayhall, Pamela Douglass Grubb
 Mays, Phyllis Boyd
 Miles, Delores Grubb
  Mills, Carol Lynn
 Money, Timothy
 Mooney, June Rouse
Morgan, Harry O.
 Morgan, Julia Legato
Morgan, Stanley C.
 Mullins, Harold A.
 Mullins, Jess J.
 Mullins, Vincent Dale
 Muncy, Buford
 Muncy, Raymond
Muscatello, Lucy Gattuso
Noe, Hazel
Noe, Vernon
 Odham, Jackie Ray
O'quinn, Juanita York


 Pendleton, Virginia E. Highberger
Peraldo, Clara
 Peraldo, George Nelson
Peery, Billye Linkous
Pinter, David Marshall
Phillips, Bobby Ray
 Phillips, Roger Earl
 Pierce, Lewis
Piercy, Regennol
Piercy, Ruth Maxine Evans
 Pollock, Strickler
 Poteet, Wanda Gay Hopson
 Prichard, Daniel
Propst, John Michael
 Rakes, Alice Mae (Patsy) Clark
Richardson, Edward W.
 Rigney, Glenna Jean Day
 Roberts, James
 Roncella, Angelo
 Sackett, David Lee
Sagris, James G.
 Sala, Pauline Burton
 Saloum, Nellie Violet
 Sams, Cindy Reece
 Sanders, Alice Snuffer
Schwartz, Robert
Sedita, Judith Ferrell Jenkins
 Seelye, Catherine Moore
Shandor, Andrew "Skip" Jr.
 Sharpe, Ina McConnell
 Sheffey, Mary Katerine
 Shirley, James Robert
Shotto, Danny Ray
 Shrewsbury, Paul
 Shrout, Roy Blake
Sinnett, Cora Evelyn
Sizemore, Billie Clifton
 Sizemore, Helen
 Sledge, Marie
 Slone, Dorothy Mae Phipps
Smith, Guy Glenn
 Smith, James
 Smith, Karen Peachy
 Smith, Rush
 Snuffer, David Scott
Stacks, Don
Staples, Danny T.
St. Clair, C. Wade
Stone, Nannie Arnold
 Stringer, Robert Marvin
Suba, John F.
 Sublette, Laura Romans
 Sult, Robert Carr
Sutliff, James
 Swope, William B.
Tashe, Ruth Virginia Hall
 Terrell, Stephanie Lewis Robinson
 Testerman, Donna K. Whittaker
 Thomas, Burgess
Thompson, William Ray
 Thornhill, Blanche Lazenby
 Tilley, Joseph Mason
Tolley, Donald Jerry
 Tsai, Leonard
* Tuckwiller, Grace A. Keyser
 Turner, Doris Greathead
 Turner, Harold
 Turpin, Lillian Kipfinger
 Ulisse, Ernest
 Urps, Willa Dean England
 Van, Ruth E.
 Venable, Doris Katherine Burton
 Verdiglione, Joseph
 Wagner. Billie Ann Fulk
 Waldron, Bernice E.
 Waldron, Ernest Jr.
Walker, Anna Lee Price
 Walker, Evelyn Arnold
 Walker, H. Paxton
 Walls, Hughie Stanley
Warf, Bernard Walter Jr.
 Warren, James D. 
Webb, Ruth Elaine Bivens
 Wedgewood, Arthur W.
 White, George Robert
Worthington, Freda Legato
  Young, Emest

JACK D. FARTHING of Valrico, FL, died April 6, 2003.  Born  November 9, 1927, he was the son of Robert and Vada Farthing.  Jack graduated from Welch High School in 1947 and starred in both football and basketball.  During his senior year, he was McDowell County's second highest basketball scorer.  He served in the U.S. Army after high school and then atttended and graduated from Concord College.  He served as Treasurer of the RMI Corporation, a subsidiary of U.S. Steel.   Jack was preceded in death by both parents and  brothers, Ernest  and Glen Wesley Farthing.  He is survived by his wife of 49 years,  the former Wanda Burton (WHS class of '48); two daughters, Jacquie Galvin and Susan Rae; two sisters, Betty Jo Clayton and Margaret Bowman; and three grandchildren.

ANNE STRAUB BISHOPRIC,  81, of Key Biscayne, FL, died April 2, 2003.  She was an avid supporter of the Dodgers and lived each year for the start of baseball season, hanging pennants and pictures of her favorite players in the living room and watching all the games via satellite TV.  Born in Texas and raised in West Virginia, she graduated with honors from Hollins College and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she was a member of Pi Beta Phi.  She was dedicated to AA and proud of her 17 years of sobriety. She is survived by her sons, Bob and Bruce;  granddaughters, Katy and Alexa; and  her beloved cats, Little Miss Precious and Snookums.

GRACE ANNE KEYSER TUCKWILLER, of Lewisburg, WV, died March 28, 2003.  She was the daughter of the late William Ross Keyser and Alice Smith Keyser.   She was a member of the WHS class of 1941 and graduated from West Virginia University in 1945 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism.  After her children were older, Grace Anne pursued her love of words and people by writing for the West Virginia Daily News, including a weekly column called "Greenbrier Patch." She also enjoyed her teaching experiences at Frankford High School, as well as adult literacy classes and home-bound tutoring.  She is survived by her husband of 57 years, David Eugene Tuckwiller; five children, Carol Tuckwiller, Ellen Bell,  Ed Tuckwiller, Robert Tuckwiller, and Meg Munton; nine grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; a sister, Emily Keyser; and a brother, William R. Keyser Jr.

STELLA V. EVANS BECKETT, 73, of  Wytheville, VA, formerly of Elgin, IL, and Welch, died  January 21, 2003.  She was the daughter of the late James E. and Ida Pearl Clark Evans.   Stella  graduated from WHS in 1947 and was employed by Lerner's Department Store and J.C. Penney's in  Welch.  She was of the Methodist faith.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Bill D. Beckett; a brother, William E. 'Bill' Evans; and a sister, Ruth Maxine Piercy.  Survivors include her daughter, Deborah Whitcomb; a grandchild, Bruce Whitcomb; a great-granddaughter, Hannah; and a brother, Harry Elmer Evans.

CLARA M. JONES BENNETT,  63, of Beckley, died January 21, 2003.  Mrs. Bennett was an active member of Glen Morgan Missionary Baptist Church and a member of the church choir. She was a former member of the Calico and Jeans Square Dance Club.  She was preceded in death by her first husband, Jerry Barker Sr.  Survivors include her husband of 24 years, James R. "Bob" Bennett; a son, Jerry Barker; a sister, Helen Beheler; a brother, Johnnie Jones; her favorite niece, Charlene Walker and her family, Ronnie Walker and Skipper Walker; and randdaughters, Rachel and Megan Barker.   Clara was a member of the WHS class of 1957.

LILA "MICKIE" ARNOLD DRIVER JANCHA of Buda, TX, died July 2, 1999.  She was 67 years old.  "Mickie" lived in Huntsville, AL from 1951 to 1964, when she moved to Houston.  She had lived in Buda since 1982 and was a registered nurse.   Her first husband, Ronnie Driver of Welch, preceded her in death. Survivors include her husband, Bill Jancha, son Tim Driver; daughter, Karen Driver Klebs; sons,  Randall Driver, Billy and David Jancha; five grandchildren and six sisters.  "Mickie" was a 1949 graduate of WHS.

AMEDEO ARMANDO "MICKIE" AMICI, JR., 59, died January 10, 2003, at his residence after a long illness.  He was the son of Virginia Marenelli Amici  and the late Amedeo Armando Amici, Sr.   He was a member of Our Lady Queen of the Apostoles Catholic Church, Kimball, and had been a resident of Kimball all his life.   Other than his mother, he is survived by two brothers, James Amici and Jerry  Amici (WHS class of 1959 and 1962 respectively); two nephews and one niece.  Mickie attended WHS with the class of 1961.

ALEXIS RUTH GARNETT DENNIS, 46, of Princeton died  January 5, 2003.  She was the daughter of the late Alex and Ruth Baker Garnett.
Alexis graduated from WHS in 1975 and received her bachelor's degree in education and music from Concord College in Athens. For many years she had taught school for the New Hope Head Start Program. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Welch.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by two stepchildren, Michelle and D.D. Dennis, Jr.  Survivors include her loving husband of 22 years, Ernest Darrell Dennis of the home.

HARRY O. MORGAN, 78,  former Welch resident and WHS graduate, died January 1, 2003.  He was the son of the late Robert E. Morgan and Gladys Manns Morgan.  He was a World War II veteran serving with the U.S. Army in England, Belgium, France and Holland. In 1944, he was in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium.  He was a retired employee of N&W Railway and retired from Gianato Pontiac-Buick as parts manager in December 1985 with 25 years of service. He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Welch and  was an ordained deacon of the church.  He was a member of the Welch American Legion Post No. 8 and Moose Lodge No. 1094.  An avid country music fan, he was very talented playing the mandolin, guitar and fiddle.  In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by one brother, Charles Leroy Morgan; and two sisters, Wanda Mitchell Morgan and Mary Eunice Schrudder.  Survivors include his wife of 54 years, June Phipps Morgan; four nephews, Robert H. Mitchell, Edward Schrudder, Gary Schrudder and Michael E. Stater; nine nieces, Linda Kay Holland, Mary Ann Schrudder, Patricia Britton,  Sandra Obenshain, Barbara Evans, Deborah Kaiser, Sandra Summerville, Wanda Morgan and Donna Clark; and several great-nieces and nephews.

JOHN WILBURN EUGENE BENNETT, 68, died  December 24, 2002.   Mr. Bennett grew up in McDowell County and attended Welch High School, leaving school to serve America in military service, stationed in Korea. He was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corp in 1955, with an additional 12 years in inactive reserves.  In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a son, John Elvie Bennett; two sisters; and one brother.  Survivors include a daughter, Beverly Bennett; three sons, James, Ernest, and Randall Bennett; seven grandchildren; one great-grandchild; six sisters, Geraldine Long, Jacqueline Taylor, Joyce Thompson, Audie Croyle, Francis Drukker, and Opal Groves; and three brothers, Charles, Vance, and John Wayne Bennett.

HARLEY W. DUNN, 82, of Palm Bay, FL died December 25, 2002.  He was a graduate of WHS and the University of Kentucky. He was a decorated veteran of World War II, serving as a B-24 bombardier in the Japanese Theater. He spent most of his working career in the Lorain County, OH area.  He was treasurer of the First Christian Church of Melbourne, FL and a former member of the Community United Methodist Church of Elyria, OH and the Houston Methodist Church in Kimball. He was a Boy Scout leader for many years, receiving the Silver Beaver Award for service. He was active in many veteran and community service organizations in Ohio, Florida and West Virginia.  He was preceded in death by his wife, Alice L. Dunn in 2002; wife, Elizabeth Dalyia Dunn in 1969; one brother, Herman Dunn; and three sisters, Virginia Stanley, Dorothy Ruble, and Cleo Ganoe.  His son, Donald R. Dunn and one sister, Bonnie Ganoe, survive him.

ALBERT N. HATMAKER, a long time resident of Coalwood, died December 13, 2002,  in Lancaster OH.  Albert retired from OLGA Coal Company after 44 years in the shop at Coalwood's Portal #1.  Albert was born in Roderfield and graduated from WHS in 1937.  He lettered his junior and senior years  from the WHS football team.  He is survived by his wife Wilma, daughter Peg, and sons Albert Norman, Jr., Jerry Roger, and Robert Garrett.   Expressions of sympathy can be extended to Mrs. Hatmaker and Peg at: Wilma Hatmaker,  5581 Reynolds-Balt Rd., Pickerington, OH 43147.

JOHN MICHAEL PROPST of Welch, died  November 29, 2002. He was the son of Cordelia (Katie) Matney Propst of Welch and the late Marvin Propst.  He graduated from WHS in 1972 and Bluefield State College  with an associate degree in business management and again in 1988 with a regents bachelor of arts degree.  John was a Child Protective Service Worker with the WV DHHR in Welch for the past four years and a member of the Welch Moose Lodge 1094, where he served as Governor for three terms and was awarded the Fellowship Degree of Honor and served as District Five President of the Loyal Order of Moose of West Virginia.  He was a member and elder of Welch Anderson Memorial Presbyterian Church. In addition to his mother, he is survived by his wife, Lucy Whitley Propst; two bonus-daughters, Melissa Pertee and Wendy Lowe; a brother, Marvin Lee "Butch" Propst; and an aunt, Thelma Propst.

LILLIAN CATHERINE ZACCAGNINI MATHER, 77, died November 28, 2002, in Jacksonville, FL. Mrs. Mather graduated from WHS and Bluefield Business School.  She was the widow of Thomas William Mather, a coal miner and later superintendent of at several locations in WV.
Mrs. Mather had retired to the Cypress Village neighborhood in Jacksonville after a career that included government and business positions. She was an aide of Senator Charles M. Mathias Jr. of MD, an electronics builder at Rockwell International in WV, office manager of the Sales Management Corporation in Princeton and office manager of Resthaven Memorial Park in Princeton.  She also held a staff position in the Licensing and Regulation division of the MD Department of Labor and Industry.   Survivors include one son, Thomas William Mather; one daughter, Diana Mather Murphy; two grandsons, Thomas William Mather III and Daniel Mather; one brother, Dan D. Zaccagnini; and nephews, Dan Zaccagnini II and Anthony Zaccagnini.

JUDITH ADALINE FERRELL JENKINS SEDITA, 59, of Zephyrhills, FL, died November 22, 2002.  Judy was a 1961 graduate of WHS.  Survivors include a son, Chris Jenkins of Tampa, FL; a daughter, Leanne Jenkins of Manassas, VA; her mother, Mabel Dillon of Tampa; a brother, Ron Ferrell of Ona, WV; and 3 grandchildren.  In place flowers, a donation in Judy's memory can be made to: The American Porphyria Foundation, P.O. Box 22712, Houston, TX 77227.

C. WADE ST. CLAIR, of Arlington, VA and the WHS Class of 1948, died November 8, 2002.  Former husband of Patricia C. St. Clair; father of Jane Pryor St. Clair and Amey Rowe St. Clair Moeller; son of Judge Otis Eugene and Lillian Pryor St. Clair; and brother of Richard O. St. Clair. Also survived by Allison St. Clair Schildwachter.  Wade graduated from Kentucky Military Institute and Duke University. He served in Korea in the Air Force during the Korean War, and then joined the staff of WBT/WBTV in Charlotte, NC.  He became Program Director of WBT Radio, where he performed improvisational comedy with Owen Spamm and Ty Boyd for radio and television. Wade was recruited by NASA in 1963, where he distinguished himself in both the broadcast and public services mediums.  In 1971 Wade left NASA to accept a position with the National Center for Resource Recovery where he again applied his talents in putting together an effective public affairs organization dedicated to educate Americans on the need to protect and preserve the environment.  He then served as the Director of Development for Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) for 18 years. Wade retired in 1998 and devoted his time to family, friends, travel, and music through participation in his church, the NOVA Singers, and the New Dominion Chorale.

MARY ANNE SOUTHERN BELCHER, WHS Class of 1963, died October 16, 2002, at her residence in Maybeury after a long illness. Born November 26, 1944, she was the daughter of the late James G. Southern and Mary Lee Gilbert Southern.   She was manager of the Maybeury Food Mart for 10 years, was a member of the Eckman Church of God, and was a resident of McDowell County the greater part of her life.   Other than her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband of 28 years, Billy Ray Belcher; and one brother, James G. Southern Jr.   Survivors include three sons, Alan Ray Belcher,  Anthony 'Tony' Belcher, and Billy Ray Belcher; two brothers, Charles Southern and John Southern; seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; several nieces and nephews and a host of friends.

BETTY JANE HARMAN BURCHAM KARIDES, 69, of Roanoke, died September 17, 2002. She was preceded in death by her husband, Arthur James Karides and a son, Robert M. Burcham. She is survived by daughters,   Deborah Bean, and Nancy Pirtle; grandchildren, Chad and Kathie Bean, Cory Bean and Noah Pirtle; sisters, Mary  Lewellyn, Hope Foster, and Dr. Jean Watson; and a brother, Richard Harmon.

BEVERLY ELIZABETH CANNOY of Princeton died August 16, 2002, after a courageous battle with cancer.  Born September 10, 1949, in McDowell County, she was the daughter of the late Thomas and Ella Friend Cannoy.  Surviving are her sons, Chip Blizzard and Shawn Blizzard; seven grandchildren; and four brothers and sisters, Andy Corder, Donna Scott, Linda Daniels and Ricky Cannoy.

DONALD JERRY 'PETE" TOLLEY, 70, of Wytheville, VA, died  August 12, 2002. He was a 1949 graduate of WHS, a graduate of Huntington Business School and a retired purchasing agent for Semet-Solvay Coal Company. He was longtime member and past governor of Wytheville Moose Lodge 394. He was manager of the Wytheville A's Speedwell baseball teams in the 70's and was a sports writer for the Southwest Virginia Enterprise.  He was preceded in death by his wife, Irene Barber Tolley; and his father, Herman W. Tolley.  Survivors include his children Teri Sawyers, Herman Tolley, Donna Kolis, and Andrew  Tolley, all of Wytheville, VA; his mother, Mary C. Tolley; a sister, Jean White; a brother, Carl Tolley; 9 grandchildren; a step-granddaughter and a great step-granddaughter.

ROBERT CARR "BOB" SULT,  86, of Boiling Spring Lakes, NC died July 13, 2002. He was born  in Kimball, WV to the late William Emmett and Bertha Carr Sult.  Mr. Sult is preceded in death by an infant son, Larry.  He was a 1934 WHS graduate. He attended Emory and Henry College.  Bob worked for Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates at three locations in WV,  Superior Sterling Co. in Bluefield, WV and after 28 years with American Electric Power Co. in Montgomery, WV, Roanoke, VA, and Lancaster OH, he retired as purchasing supervisor, Fuel Supply.     Bob is survived by his wife, Mary Francis Kirchner Sult (also WHS class of '34) of the home; sons, Robert C. Sult, Jr., William F. Sult,  Donald B. Sult, and David G. Sult; nine grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.

RANDLE B. HUGHES, 66, of Sunbury, OH, died June 25, 2002.  The Reverend Hughes was the son of  Mack and Nina (Stamper) Hughes.  He attended WHS until he entered the Marines in 1953.  He served in the military  for  27 years, with the Marines during the Korean War, and retired from the U.S. Air Force as Master Sergeant.  He was also retired from  22 years of service with the Ohio Air National Guard.   Mr. Hughes attended the Baptist Bible College, in Springfield, MO.  He was a member of Genoa Baptist Church, in Westerville, OH, where he served as Assistant Pastor, Deacon, Chairman of the Deacons, and as Sunday School teacher.  He was also a member of the Church golf  league.   He was a former Commander, Quartermaster, Chaplain, and Honor Guard member of the Sunbury VFW Post No. 8736.  He served on the Sunbury Council during the 70s, and was Marshal for the Memorial Golf Tournament in Columbus, OH for 10 years.   He is survived by his wife of  46 years, Gloria Anita (Norton) Hughes (WHS Class of '56); a son, Randy Jr.;  a daughter,  Cheryl Headlee; six granddaughters; a brother,  Rev. Stanley Hughes;  and a sister, Debbie  Taylor.

age 85, of Greenville, OH, died July 25, 2002.  He was a teacher and coach at WHS from 1948 through most all of the 1950s.  He was a World War II veteran of the U.S. Navy and a 1939 graduate of Davis & Elkins College in West Virginia.  He was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Greenville High and Davis & Elkins College. He was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Greenville,  and a member of the Greenville Knights of Columbus, where he was past Grand Knight.  He was also past president of the Greenville Lions Club.   In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Esther B. (Erlandson) Suba; and daughter, Julie Virginia Suba.  Survivors include his son, John 'Mike' Suba; daughters, Paula Kingrey and Linnes Via; five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

BERNARD WALTER WARF, JR.., 57, of Vinton, VA, died July 13, 2002. He was predeceased by his parents, Bernard W. and Beulah W. Warf.  Bernard, a 1963 WHS graduate, is survived by his beloved wife, Alecia Rotenberry Warf (WHS class of '65); a daughter, Melissa Gorrell; two sons, Michael Warf and Nicholas Warf; grandchildren, Kelsey and Tanner Gorrell; two sisters, Linda Keneda and Rita Hall; and two brothers, Jack Warf and Burley Warf.

GEORGE THOMAS JARVIS, of Welch, died  July 8, 2002, from injuries sustained in an auto accident.  Born November 2, 1942, he was the son of the late Edward William Jarvis and Margaret Deleridge Jarvis.  He was a U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War and a graduate of the Art Institute of Columbus, OH.  He was an artist and craftsman and a former art teacher employed by the McDowell County Board of Education.  Survivors include one brother, Edward Jarvis; one niece, Melanie "Sissy" Jarvis; two nephews, Eric Jarvis and Tony Jarvis;  and a very special friend, Betty Merix Jones.

JOHN F. HURT, 66, of Huntington, WV, a U.S. Navy and U.S. Army veteran of the Korean War, vice president of operations with Solomon Smith Barney for 15 years before his retirement, died at his residence  June 20, 2002.   John, a 1954 WHS graduate, is survived by his wife, Rosalie Chiericozzi Hurt, (WHS class of ' 54)  and two daughters, Mary Stanley of Huntington and Cathy Jodon of Germany; one son, David Hurt of Cherokee, NC; and two sisters, Martha Hurt Moore (WHS class of '60) of Welch and Lois Hurt Cloke (WHS class of '62) of Huntington.  Condolences can be posted/read at the Beard Funeral Home's web site until July 21, 2002.

JERRY E. JONES, of Havaco, died June 17, 2002.   He was the son of Eli and Cleo E. Tabor Jones.  He was a resident of McDowell County all his life, raised in Superior and later lived at Havaco. He was a U.S. Army veteran and served in Vietnam. His adult life was devoted to "Little League" baseball. He was a former player for the Bluefield Orioles team until he went into the Army in January 1964.  Jerry was a member of the WHS Class of '61.  He was preceded in death by his parents.  Survivors include his wife, Betty Merix Jones (WHS Class of '61) of the home; one daughter, Jennifer 'Jill' Bayle; two brothers, James Jones and Joseph Jones; granddaughter, Sara Elizabeth Bayle and grandson, Ryan Gregory Bayle.

SANDRA STACY GOJEKIAN, 45, of Manassas, VA, died April 29, 2002.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Haig Gojekian.  Sandra was a 1975 WHS graduate and she obtained her master's degree in counseling and rehabilitation from Marshall University. She was the administrator of Child Development Services in Quantico,VA.  Survivors include her daughter, Sarah Gojekian of Manassas; her mother, Carolyn Stacy of Welch; her sisters, Lila "Kay" Hurst of Manassas, Jean Baltus of Colorado Springs, CO, Judy Wyatt of Senoia, GA, and Kim Coleman of Ft. Meyer, FL; her brothers, James Stacy of Eaton, MD, Anthony Stacy of Mooresville, NC, and Dan Stacy of Crosslanes, WV.

ALMA JONES FARRIS, formerly of Capels, WV,died April 4, 2002.   She was 89 years old.   Alma attended WHS in the 20s.  She is survived by three sons, Bob and Jerry of Tallahassee, FL; and Jack of Fayetteville, NC, all of whom are WHS graduates.

BILLYE LINKOUS PEERY, of Roanoke, died  April 2, 2002.  She was born in Pineville and attended Welch High School and Marshall University. She was active in the D.A.R. and Black Diamond Girl Scout Council.   She was preceded in death by her parents, Raymond James and Mildred Linkous.  Surviving are her husband of 49 years, Joseph E. Peery Jr.; daughters, Dara Lystash, Karen Peery, Susan Moreno, and Linda Mills; five grandchildren, Michael Joseph, Joseph Christopher, and Thomas Anthony Moreno, Avery B. Mills III, and Caroline Elizabeth Lystash; and sisters, Norma Jean Paley and Lynn Linkous.

COL. JAMES N. HAWTHORNE, JR., U.S. Army Retired, 58, died March 30, 2002. "Nick" was a member of the WHS class of 1961.  He was the son of the late James N. and Irene Bolash Hawthorne.   He was a 1965 graduate of West Virginia University.  He served in the U.S. Army for 27 years, attaining the rank of colonel.  He served with the First Armored Division and the Third Armored Division in Germany; the Americal Division in Vietnam; with the United Nations Command in Korea; at the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA, and at the Pentagon. He was a public affairs officer at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY.  After retirement from the Army, he taught communications and public relations at Mount Saint Mary's College, Newburgh, NY.   He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.   He is survived by his wife of 36 years, Rebecca Harvey Hawthorne; three daughters, Mary Jane Pitt, Kristen Casto,  and Sarah Ohman; one sister, Rebecca Wilson; five grandchildren; a niece and a nephew.

DON STACKS, 69, husband of Dorothy Withers Stacks, died March 13, 2002.  Also surviving are three children, Pressley Holmes Stacks, Mary Jesse Mathis and Stephen Talmadge Stacks, all of Huntington; and one sister, Jeanne S. Wright of Tucson, AZ.    Don was a member of the WHS class of 1950 and become a well known
thoracic surgeon in Huntington, WV.

IRENE CARDEA EARNEST, thespian and teacher died March 7, 2002.  Irene was born October 20, 1918, to Carmela Benedetto and Vitaliano Cardea of Pellaro Reggio Calabria, Italia.  Irene married Melville McKinney Earnest of Chattanooga, TN in 1940. Irene taught second grade in Welch and also taught Sunday School. She acted in many plays and inspired her friend and playwright, Jean Battlo to write plays especially for Irene.  She was a graduate of WHS, alumnus of the University of Detroit and Concord College, studying literature.  Irene leaves a daughter, Carmella Lynn Earnest; son, Jeffrey Phillip Earnest; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

DANNY T. STAPLES, 51, died March 4, 2002. He was the son of Mrs. Annie 'Ruth' Cunningham Staples of Welch and the late Broden Staples Sr. He was a WHS graduate and a member of the St. James Missionary Baptist Church in Welch. He was a programmer for the Walpau Computer Firm in Washington, D.C., until returning to Welch in 1995.  In addition to his father, he was preceded in death by one brother,  Darryl  L. Staples.  Survivors in addition to his mother include his fiancee, Octavia Edwards; one son, Kenneth Davis; three brothers, Broden Staples Jr., Samuel M. Staples, and Charles E. Staples; one sister, Donna L. Staples; and two grandchildren.

CONNIE SAMUEL MABRY, of Welch, died February 22, 2002.  Born May 29, 1931, he was the son of the late James Cooley and Lucy Viola Wright Mabry.  He graduated from WHS in 1951, and was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He was a member of McDowell Lodge 112 A.F.A.M., Beni Kedem Shrine Temple in Charleston Scottish Rites Bodies, and McDowell County Shrine Club, where he was a volunteer driver for transporting crippled children to Shrine Hospitals. He attended the Methodist Church and was a retired engineer with over 40 years of service with the Norfolk-Southern Railway.   Survivors include his wife, Dorothy Lee 'Dot' Murphy Mabry;  son,  Rick; brother, Herbert G. Mabry; sister, Peggy Ann Mabry; and two granddaughters.

THOMAS CONKLIN "CONK" GREATHEAD, 77, of  Kimball (Big Four Addition), died February 16, 2002.  He was the son of the late Thomas Greathead and Victoria Day Greathead.  He was a retired coal miner and coal mining construction worker.  He was a veteran of the United States Marines, serving in World War II.  Other than his parents, he was preceded in death by his first wife, Dovie Williams Greathead; two sisters, Evaline Greathead and Doris Turner; one brother, William Greathead; one stepbrother, Roy Greathead; and one granddaughter, Amy Dawn Greathead.  Survivors include his wife, Edith Saunders Greathead; son, Tommy Greathead; daughter, Beverly Litz; one grandson and one stepson; brother, Samuel Greathead; and two sisters, Opal Sawyers and Mary Stanley.

MILDRED ELIZABETH HENDRICKS HARDEE, of  Atwater, died February 14, 2002.  She was the daughter of the late Floyd B. and Oniebet Williams Hendricks.  Mrs. Hardee was a 1938 WHS graduate.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by one sister, Lucille Williams. She is survived by her husband, James L. Hardee; two daughters, Sandra Rae Floyd and Judy Ann Dixon; two sons, James L. Hardee Jr.  and Gary Randall Hardee; brothers, Floyd B. Hendricks and James L. Hendricks; sisters Phyllis Tibbs, Patty Walker, Florence Hendricks and Sibby Ann Turner; 6 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

JOHNNIE JOHNS, JR. of 437 Virginia Avenue, Welch, died February 11, 2002.  Born March 27, 1925, in Pageton, he was the son of the late John Johns, Sr. and Anna Johns.   Mr. Johns was a resident of Welch his entire life as well as a longtime businessman, former president of Johns Motors, Inc. in Welch and was of the Catholic faith.   He was an Army veteran of World War II serving in the Rhineland of Central Europe campaign. He was a member of the American Legion Welch Post No. 8. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brothers, Rocco Johns of  Welch and Frank Johns of Holiday, FL.   Survivors include his wife, Alva F. Johns of the home; son, John Daniel Johns of Bluefield; daughter, Sarita Ann Johns Gattuso of Bluefield; brother, James Johns of Princeton; four grandchildren; one stepson; three step-grandchildren; two step-great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

GORDON ARMENTROUT FORBES, of Lexington, KY passed away January 6, 2002, at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lexington.  He was born in Welch  March 9, 1937, a son of the late Ralph E. and Clara Armentrout Forbes.  Mr. Forbes was an accountant for Island Creek Coal Company and a U.S. Army veteran.  Survivors include two sisters, Carolyn Forbes of Lynco and Maria (Ron) Shover of Defuninak Springs, FL.

BARBARA DUNCAN DAVIS, 65, of Pleasant Gardens, NC, formerly of McDowell County and a 1953 WHS graduate, died January 4, 2002.  She and her husband, Lester E. Davis, Sr. raised five sons: Lester E. Davis, Jr., Michael A. Davis (deceased), Mark A. Davis, Todd Davis, and Brad Davis.  Mrs. Duncan is also survived by sisters, Betty Williams of Kimball, WV and Ruthann Roush of Columbus, OH; and five grandchildren.

JAMES KIAH (JIMMY) HARMAN, 52, of Roanoke, VA, formerly of Welch, passed away December 30, 2001.  Jimmy attended Welch schools until his family moved away during his high school days.  He is preceded in death by his parents, Kiah and Yolanda Ricci Harman and his sister, Patty.  He is survived by his wife, Judy Martin Harman, son John and daughter Mary Beth, and one sister, Ann Fuller Harman, a WHS graduate.  His mother was the secretary at WHS for many years before they moved to Roanoke.  Jimmy owned Jimmy's Outdoor Catering and Custom Grills and Smokers, Inc. in Roanoke and was a member of Grace Church where he served as a deacon.

CORA EVELYN SINNETT of Charleston, WV, died December 21, 2001.  Daughter of the late Starling L. and Anna M. Sinnett, she was a 1940 WHS graduate.  She retired from  the WV State Tax Department in 1976.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her brother, Starling M. Sinnett; and her sister, Lenore Elaine Sinnett Slack.  She is survived by a brother, Dr. John F. Sinnett; and a sister, Anna Sinnett Whisman.

ROBERT FRANKLIN HAMBY, 55, of Rock, WV, died  December 7, 2001. Born  in Hemphill, he was a son of the late John Hamby and Jennie McGlamary Hamby.  Mr. Hamby had  worked in the coal mines for 21 years as an electrician. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, was a member of the V.F.W. and of the Protestant faith.  Survivors include wife, Aretta Johnson Hamby; daughters, Lindsay Hamby, Gwendolyn Lowe and Melissa Pertee; sisters, Stella Helmandollar of Bluewell, Jane Reeve of Hayward, WI, Lucille Salas of Guliver, MI, and Loraine Dulbeka of Port Richey, FL; brothers, Roby Hamby of Taylorville, IL, Ralph Hamby of Mayville, NY, Bill Hamby of Ypsilanti, MI, and Ronnie Hamby of Shell Rock, IA; and three grandchildren.

JOHN E. MCCLURE, 53, of Welch, died  December 7, 2001, at Princeton Community Hospital.  He was the son of the late Thattie B. and Avonell Young McClure and a resident of McDowell County the greater part of his life. He was disabled and had been a teacher for Mercer and McDowell County Boards of Education. Survivors include two brothers, Thomas B. McClure of Russell, KY, and Jim McClure of Welch; two nieces, one nephew, and many dear friends.

GLEN COOPER, Columbus, OH, died December 1, 2001.  Glenn was a 1960 WHS graduate.

BILLIE CLIFTON SIZEMORE, formerly of Houston, TX passed away November 30, 2001, at her  home in Berkley, MI.  Billie was a 1950 Welch High  graduate and lived in Davy most of her life.  Her husband Jerry is deceased. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Clifton.  She is survived by her two sisters, Kathryn (Clifton) Hurd, and Evelyn (Clifton) England both of Berkley, MI.  She also leaves behind three children,  Michelle Baehr of Berkley, MI and Lonnie Minrich and John Verduce of Houston, TX.

LUCY GATTUSO MUSCATELLO, 1942 WHS graduate and former McDowell County teacher, died November 3, 2001, in Knoxville, TN.   Lucy was honored as WHS Teacher of the Year in 1968.  She is survived by Joe Muscatello, Sr. (WHS Class of '44), son Joe Muscatello, Jr. (WHS Class of '71) and daughter Fran (WHS Class of '74).

ANGELO S. RONCELLA, 86, of Welch, died November 2, 2001. A lifelong resident of McDowell County,  he was the son of the late Angelo and Santina Sacco Roncella.  He attended the Riggs Le Mar Barber College in Huntington and  opened the Hemphill Barber Shop in 1932 where he worked for over 69 years. He was a member of St. Peter Catholic Church, and a charter member and Past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Council 6180 of Welch.  In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by two brothers, Frank and Augustine Roncella; and one sister, Kathryn Pullano.  Survivors include his wife of 65 years, Retha Fazio Roncella of the home; son, Frank Roncella; daughter, Anita Spence; sister, Mary Pilson; four grandsons; one step grandson; one step granddaughter; three great-granddaughters; and one step-great-grandson.

BILLIE ANN FULK WAGNER died October 21, 2001.    She was a 1943 Welch High School graduate.

JAMES RICHARD (JIM) SUTLIFF, 59, Springfield, MO passed away October 13, 2001  Jim was born in Welch WV, the son of the late Daniel Richard Sutliff and Lillian Sutliff.  Jim was a 1960 graduate of Welch High School and a 1964 graduate of  Virginia Tech with a degree in Accounting.  Jim moved to Missouri in 1970 where he worked as an accountant, later becoming the owner of Press Room Equipment in Springfield in 1997.  He is survived by his wife, Lila; his son Mark Sutliff and wife, Shirley; two daughters, Debra Sutliff and Amy Sweckard; two grandsons; two sisters, Guyeannetta Sutliff Powers of Stewartsville, VA, and Judy Sutliff Johns of Vinton VA; and several nieces and nephews.

DAVID MARSHALL PINTER, 64, of 22 Bland St., Welch, died  October 8, 2001.  He was the son of the late Dewey and Bethel Sartin Pinter.  A resident of Welch the greater part of his life, he attended the Welch First United Methodist Church and was a former coal miner, retiring from U.S. Steel. He was a member of the Southern Cycle Racing Association.   In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by one brother, James 'Shorty' Pinter.  Survivors include his wife, Violet Quesada Pinter of the home; two sons, John Pinter and Tim Pinter; one daughter, Mrs. Tommy (Marsha) Brown; one brother, Claude Pinter; one sister, Mary Elliott; one grandson and one step-grandson.

JEFFREY B. COMBS, of Roanoke, passed away September 9, 2001.  Born June 14, 1956, in Welch, he was a son of Delmer and Marie Nichols Combs.  He was preceded in death by his father, Delmer Combs.   Surviving are his mother, Marie N. Combs of Hillsville, VA; two sisters Barbara Stinson of Hillsville and Brenda Kilcrease of Samson, AL; a brother, Darrel Combs of Wirtz, VA; and several nieces and nephews.

S. EARL LAYNE, JR., 74,  of Fairfax, VA, died August 2, 2001.   Retired for the past twenty years, Earl was an English teacher and guidance counselor with the Virginia Fairfax County Public School System from 1955 to 1981.   Earl graduated from WHS in the mid-40s.  After his discharge from military service during WWII, he attained a teaching degree at WVU.  He worked for a short time with the Welch Daily News before he began his career in education in 1953 as an English teacher at Welch High School.   He was born in Welch and had resided in Arlington and Fairfax counties, VA  for over fifty years.  He was an active volunteer having served for the past fifteen years with the American Red Cross and the Volunteers of Fairfax Hospital.  He is survived by his wife, Mary Francis Layne of Fairfax; his sons, Stephen M. Layne of Downingtown, PA, and Ronald J. Layne of Centreville, VA; and seven grandchildren.

ROY FRANKLIN, of Hopwood, PA, died July 26, 2001.  He graduated from WHS in 1943 and was a 1949 graduate of West Virginia University. He served in the military during WWII.  He is survived by his wife Ann, children, and grandchildren.

CAROLYN CIAMPANELLA COLLINS, 58, of Roderfield, died July 22, 2001.  She was a member of the WHS class of 1961.  She was the daughter of the late Pete and Virginia Guella Ciampanella.  In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by her brother, Benny Ciampanella.  Survivors include her husband, Franklin Collins; sons, Charles Christopher Collins of Landgraff and Franklin Eric Collins of Brushfork; brother, Johnny Pete Ciampanella of Charleston; and grandson, Anthony Church.

ROBERT  N. (JUNIOR) CROCKETT, 83, of Princeton, died June 2, 2001.  Born in Davy, he was the son of the late Robert N. and Iowa Light Crockett.   Formerly of Davy, he was a Princeton resident for the past 8 years.  He was a graduate of Welch High School and attended Concord College. He was a veteran of World War II serving in Panama as a Corps Medic. He was retired from the West Virginia State Alcohol Beverage Commission.   In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by one brother, Albert 'Abe' Crockett; and one sister, Lillian 'Sis' Rue.  Survivors include his wife of 57 years, Helen L. Ward Crockett of Princeton; three sons, Robert David Crockett of Lanexa, VA, Ronald W. Crockett  of Spotsylvania, VA, and Richard N. Crockett of Princeton;  and five grandchildren.

RUTH MAXINE EVANS PIERCY, 66, of Princeton, formerly of Welch, died  May 26, 2001.  She was the daughter of the late James E. and Ida Pearl Clark Evans.   She was a '53 graduate of Welch High School.  She was employed by J.C. Penney's in Welch for several years, then began her career with the McDowell County National Bank in Welch, retiring in 1997 as a teller with more than 30 years of service. She was a member of the New Hope United Methodist Church in Princeton.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Claude Morgan Piercy Jr.  Survivors include sister, Stella V. Beckett of Wytheville, Va.; brothers, William 'Bill' Evans and wife, Jackie and Harry Elmer Evans all of Princeton; nieces and nephews, Lisa Harman, Deborah Whitcomb, LeAnn Croy, Billy Evans, and Jim Evans.

KERMIT HUNTER, 90, died in Dallas, TX the second week of April 2001.  He wrote 42 historical dramas, some of which are still running across the country, including "HONEY IN THE ROCK." It premiered in 1961 at the amphitheater at Grandview State Park near Beckley, WV.  An estimated 14 million people have seen his first play, "UNTO THESE HILLS" which tells the story of the Trail of Tears, the removal of the Cherokee Indians from North Carolina to Oklahoma.  He wrote "UNTO THESE HILLS" in 1950 as a master's thesis while studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Kermit graduated from WHS  in 1929.   He played the organ (between movie features) at the Pocahontas Theater and at the  First Methodist Church for years before he left Welch to continue his first love, historical musical writing.

BLANCHE LAZENBY THORNHILL, 83, of Culpeper, VA, died  March 24, 2001.  She was a teacher at Welch High School, Bluefield College, Cedar Lee High School in Bealton, VA, Culpeper Baptist Church Kindergarten, and the Culpeper County School System.  Survivors include her husband, Otis R. Thornhill, Jr., of Culpeper; children, Susan T. Morris of Winchester, VA, Pamela T. Harris of Culpeper, Otis R. Thornhill III, of Richmond, VA, and Robert E, Thornhill of Richmond; ten grandchildren; sisters, Mary Lazenby Thompson and Martha Jeter L. Richardson, both of Bluefield,  and Nancy Grey L. Stables of Culpeper; and 27 nieces and nephews.

SHIRLEY MCPEAKE LINDSEY passed away March 18, 2001, in Keyser, WV.  She was a 1949 graduate of Welch High School.

CYNTHIA CARDEA EARNEST died  March 7, 2001.  Cynthia was born February 2, 1913, in Pennsylvania, to Carmella Benedetto Cardea and Frank Cardea.  She spent most of her life in Welch. Cynthia spent many years as a volunteer for March of Dimes and Mental Health and was formerly employed by WV Department of Welfare. She was a faithful member of the First Presbyterian Church in Welch before moving to Bluefield, VA.   In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, John Earnest; sister, Catherine Navy of Huntington; and brothers, Tony, Hobart, Dan and Sam Cardea.   She is survived by daughter, Joan Sperry Harman; son-in-law, Harry E. Harman;  three grandchildren and one great-granddaughter;  sister, Irene Cardea Earnest of Bluefield, VA; brothers, John Cardea of Welch and Harry Cardea of Charleston; and special friends, Pete and Judy Young.

RUTH B. GARNETT, Welch, died March 1, 2001.  Born April 8, 1924, in Marion, VA, she was the daughter of the late Dwight and Ora Hall Baker. She had resided in Welch since moving here as an infant. She was an active member of the 1st Presbyterian Church in Welch, where she was a deacon and later elder, a choir member, she also had served as treasurer of the Presbyterian Women for several years.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Alex W. 'Buddy' Garnett; two sisters, Virgie Tuell and Mary Brewster; and one brother, Herman Baker.  Survivors include one daughter, Alexis Dennis and son-in-law, Darrell Dennis of Princeton.

JAMES ROBERT SHIRLEY, of Welch, died February 28, 2001, after a long declining illness. James attended WHS in the early 50's.

ANGELINE ELIZABETH BATTLO FOOTO died  February 17, 2001. Born January 19, 1921, in Kimball, WV, she was a daughter of the late Fortunato and Maria Concetta Rochelli Battlo. She was a retired reporter for the Welch Daily News and was a member of St. Stephens Catholic Church in Ona, W.Va.  Surivivors include her husband, Thomas A. Footo of Ona; son and daughter-in-law, Andrew T. and Angela Footo of Barboursville, WV; daughter and son-in-law, Marianna and Tom Linz of Huntington; sisters, Jean Battlo of Kimball, Mary Green of Rathdrum, ID, Melly Woolwine of Princeton, and Katherine Price of Pensacola, FL; and four grandchildren.

JAMES ROBERTS, of the Norwood Addition, Kimball, WV, died February 14, 2001, after a short illness.  Born April 20, 1911, in Boldon, England, he was the son of the late John and Elizabeth Cornish Roberts. He was a 1929 graduate of Welch High School.  He was a member of the Houston United Methodist Church in Kimball where he was active in church affairs and sang in the choir for 60 years. He was a retired foreman from Consolidated Coal Co. in Bishop, VA, was a member of the Vivian Masonic Lodge #105 A.F.&A.M. of Kimball, was a member of the
Order of Eastern Star #112 of Kimball, where he served as past Patron, and was a member of the Gideons International.

EDWARD JOHN LARESE, 65, died February 9, 2001.  He lived in Warrenton, VA. After moving to the Washington area in 1984, Mr. Larese was executive vice president of Finalco Group financial services firm and vice president of finance and administration of Star Technologies, which makes computer imaging systems for the health care industry. He was also president of Scala Inc., a multimedia software developer.  Mr. Larese was born in Kimball and graduated from WHS in 1953.  He was a graduate of Duke University and served in the Air Force Reserve. Survivors include his wife, Julianne Larese, and a brother.

DONALD L. JOHNSON, 46, of Roanoke, VA, formerly of Kimball, died  February 2, 2001.  Donald was a member of the Welch High School Class of 1972.

EVA SIKORA CLARK, 87, of  Pocahontas, formerly of Gary, died  January 31, 2001.  She was a daughter of the late Michael and Mary Sikora. She had lived in Pocahontas for the past 20 years and was a member of the Christ Episcopal Church there. She was a graduate of Welch High School and Marshall University. She had previously lived in Gary where she had been a dedicated Math and Latin teacher for Gary High School for 30 years.  In addition to her parents, her husband, Oren P. Clark, also preceded her in death.  Survivors include her daughter, Mary Kathryn Perdue and husband, Jay of Bluefield, VA; sons, Oren Perry Clark and wife, Mary of Welch and William G. Clark of Welch; sisters, Mary S. Grimes of Arlington, VA and Anne Ramsey and husband, Jess of Pocahontas; sister-in-law, Ginny Sikora of Fairborn, OH; and four grandchildren.

W.B. "BILL" SWOPE, 85, of Indian Creek, in Wyoming County, died January  24, 2001. He was the son of the late Bernard O. and Imo McClaren Swope.  Mr. Swope was a resident of Welch all his life. He was a respected business man, where he managed many businesses including Swope Reality and numerous coal operations.  He was a dedicated public servant and served on the Welch City Council for 14 years and as mayor for 20 years.  He also created and managed the Welch Gas Co-op for the past 32 years, which was a non-profit public utility.  He was an avid pilot, having begun his flying career at the age of 32. He obtained his helicopter license at the age of 67. Survivors include his wife of 63 years, Virginia M. Swope of Indian Creek; two sons, Bernard M. Swope, M.D. and wife, Rosemary and grandchildren, Natalie and Marisa Swope all of Winchester, VA, and Chandler Swope and wife, Lenora and grandchildren, Susan and William C. Swope Jr. all of Bluefield, VA.; one daughter, Virginia Leigh Keys and husband, Russell of Charleston.  Memorial donations may be made to the First Presbyterian Church in Welch or Mission Ministries of Welch.

RUTH ELAINE BIVENS WEBB passed away January 23, 2001.  Born November  8, 1915, she was the daughter of Frank C. and Clara Josephine Ballard Bivens. She graduated from Welch High School and received a teaching certificate from Concord College, Athens. Her teaching career included McDowell County and Mt. Pleasant Elementary School in Roanoke County, VA from which she retired after 30 years as a second grade teacher.  She was predeceased by four brothers, E.D., William O., Frank C. Jr. and Howard Bivens; and four sisters, Vivian (Spangler), Nina (Keffer), Gladys Bivens and Louise (Webb).  She is survived by her  husband,  Howard L. Webb; a sister, Anna (Ferrell), both of Roanoke; five sisters-in-law, Jeanette Bivens of Welch, Rosetta Bivens of Ballard, Louise Webb Mize and husband, Winfred of Roanoke, Ruth Webb Hawley of Pineville and Virginia Webb Vines of Arlington, VA.  In lieu of flowers, in Ruth's memory and to perpetuate the Webb's love of landscaping and gardening, donations may be made to the Concord College Foundation Landscape Fund, College Box 83, Athens, WV 24712.

GLENNA JEAN DAY RIGNEY passed away January 20, 2001. She graduated from Welch High School in 1958. She lived in Lakewood, Ohio.  She was the daughter of the late Sam and Betty Day of Carswell and Princeton, WV.

ROBERT WAYNE ALLEN, 50, of Bluewell, formerly of Roderfield, died January 10, 2001. He was the son of the late Jack Paul and Lena Lorrene Hall Allen. He was a graduate of Welch High School and a veteran of the Vietnam conflict serving with the U.S. Air Force.  Survivors include his wife of 19 years, Bonnie Lou Brassard Allen; two sons, Casey Gill and wife, April of Brushfork and Bobby Wayne Allen of the home; one grandson, Jordyn Gill; one sister, Sandra Jean Allen of Shawsville, VA; and one brother, Jack Paul Allen Jr. and wife, Brenda of Sandlick.

CLELIA COOK HYLTON of Collinsville, VA, formerly of Premier, died January 5, 2001.  Born in Welch July 29, 1950, she was the daughter of Pauline Cox Cook and the late Edward Lee Cook.  She was a member of the First Baptist Church, Welch, where she was choir member.  Additional survivors include a daughter, Kenlee Hylton and an aunt, Linda C. Jackson.

ARTHUR ROBERT LANDRETH, 81, died  December 21, 2000. Born in Roderfield, he was the son of the late Charles Eli Landreth and Pearl Gracy Sizemore Landreth. He was a retired production manager at Flavor Rich Dairy, Welch, with 42 years of service, and was a 1/4 Century Club member at Flavor Rich.  He was a member of Anderson Memorial Presbyterian Church of Welch. He was a World War II veteran of the U.S. Navy, and a past member of VFW Post 8 of Welch. He was also a past member of Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Welch and the Welch Lion's Club.  He attended Welch High School . Survivors include his wife, Eva Barlow of the home; two daughters, Carolyn Micale of Hamilton, OH and Carol Keyser of Tallahassee, FL; one brother, Paul Landreth of Cleveland, OH; one sister, Phyllis Boninsegna of Dayton, OH; half sister, Margaret Justice of Princeton; four grandchildren; and one great granddaughter; and several nieces and nephews.

ARTHUR W. WEDGEWOOD, 71,  died December 11, 2000.  He was a lifelong member of the First United Methodist Church in Welch.  He attended Concord College and served during WWII as a paratrooper. He retired from his postal clerk position in 1990.  A Welch resident most of his life, he resided in Bluefield for the past 20 years.  He is survived by his wife of 32 years, Mary Sizemore Wedgwood; daughter, Arlene Jackman; sister, Patricia Hill of Welch; two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

VISTA DAY GRUBB,  83, Ripley, died December 1, 2000. She was the daughter of the late M.M. and Charlotte Jane Day.  For many years, she worked for the Grace Memorial Hospital in Welch and served as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the office of Dr. Allen  Carr. She was a member of the Marantha Baptist Church in Princeton. She was preceded in death by her husband, Sidney B. Grubb, Sr., along with three sisters, Maxine, Dorothy and Bernice, and eight brothers, Edgar, Alec, Mac, Josh, Orlas, Sam, George and Jim.  Survivors: one son, Michael H. Grubb, and wife Christine of Greensboro, NC; seven grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren.

JESS J. MULLINS, 88, of Princeton died November 27, 2000.   He was the son of the late Lewis and Keddy Blakey Mullins. He entered the service in April 1944 and served with the 112th Infantry of the U.S. Army in  France and Germany. He was a retired employee for the city of Welch with 34 years of service.   He owned and operated the Bluefield Drive Inn from 1955 until 1969. He was a member of the First Church of God on Mahood Avenue in Princeton and a former member of the Church of God's in Welch and Bluefield.  In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brothers and sisters, Eliza Taylor, Lillie Murphy, Sallie Green, Naomi Green, Myrtle Green, Rev. Jimmy Mullins, Rev. William Mullins, Irvin Mullins; and a granddaughter, Anne Mullins.   Survivors include his loving and devoted wife of 65 years, Jessie Belle Caperton Mullins; two daughters, Lucinda Lambert and husband, D.D. of Princeton and Sandra Drummond and husband, Wesley of Springfield, MO; sons, Jimmy Mullins and wife, Ruth, Randy Mullins and wife, Ruth Ann, all of Midlothian, VA, and Douglas Mullins and  wife, Rita of Chesterfield, Va.; nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

MARIO CARDONA of Florida passed away sometime in the month of November 2000.

R. J. ALLEN, Roderfield, WV, passed away at home on November 6, 2000, after battling cancer for quite some time.

LEWIS W. PIERCE, III, 61, of Welch, was passed away November 5, 2000.   Friends may call at the Fanning Funeral Home in Welch on Wednesday from 6-9 p.m.

VICKI WORTHINGTON GILLESPIE of Davy, WV died in Orlando, FL on September 6, 2000, following a long illness of kidney disease and associated conditions.  She was a member of the WHS Class of 1975.  She was the daughter of the late Howard (Red) and Melba Worthington and sister of the late Truman Worthington.  She is survived by one son, Truman Gillespie of Kissimmee, FL; and two sisters, Lajuana Cohen of Kissimmee, FL and Iris Patrick of Crystal River, FL; and a brother, Dova Worthington, of Pensacola, FL.  (To read a special tribute Lajuana wrote for her sister, Vicki, click HERE.)

BURGESS THOMAS of Douglasville, GA, died October 22, 2000, after an extended illness.  Burgess was a Navy veteran who served during the Vietnam War. He worked in the Douglasville School system for the last 25 years. Survivors include his wife, Paula;  daughter, Amy; and  son,  Burgess Thomas III.

HUGHIE STANLEY WALLS, 62, died  October 17, 2000, in the Maples Nursing Home in Bluefield.  He was the son of the late Theodore and Erma Walls. He spent all of his life in Welch until 1991, when, because of failing health, he went to live in the Maples Nursing Home.  In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a brother, Rex Walls.  He is survived by a sister-in-law, Rosemary Walls; two nieces, Lori and Jeanette; and one nephew, Brian, all of New York City.

THELMA MAE ARRINGTON, 62, died  October 16, 2000 at Glenwood Park Retirement Village in Princeton.  She was the daughter of the late Bill and Fannie Barton.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by two brothers, Richard and Elmer Barton.  Survivors include her husband, Wayne E. Arrington of Princeton; three sons, Wayne E. 'Pete' Arrington of Winston-Salem, NC, Henry W. 'Bill' Arrington of Adger, AL, and Joseph B. Arrington of Greensboro, NC; two daughters, Beverly Allen Arrington Walker of Wytheville, VA and Lisa Arrington Rich of Greensboro; seven grandchildren, & two great-grandchildren; three brothers, Sam Barton of Moneta, VA, Bill Barton of Mullens, and Charles Barton of Crumpler; four sisters Ann Farley of Princeton, Betty Jean McPeake  of Gap Mills and Geraldine Thomas of Palatka, FL.

ANNA LEE PRICE WALKER, 71,  passed away  October 12, 2000, at her home in Radford, VA.  She was a retired legal secretary with  Spiers & Spiers, a member of Grove United Methodist Church and an active member of the local B.P.W.  She graduated from Welch High School in 1946.  Survivors include her husband of 52 years, Jerrell Walker of Radford; two sons and daughter-in-law, Jerry Walker of Radford and Marvin and Cindy Walker of Richmond, VA; four  grandchildren, Brian and Chris Walker and Lauren and  Michelle Walker, and two sisters, Shirley Tolley of Princeton and Patsy Green of Myrtle Beach, S.C.

EMOGENE SHANNON FRANCISCO of Johnson City, TN passed away in September 2000.

NELLIE VIOLET SALOUM of Welch, died September 26, 2000.  Born November 26, 1922, in Welch, she was a retired legal secretary with the law firm of Samuel Solins, and later was with Solins and Walls. She attended the First Baptist Church of Welch and was a 1941 graduate of Welch High School.  Survivors include one brother, Zoltan Saloum of Portsmouth, VA and one sister, Helen O. Kelly of Miami, FL.

RICHARD GRANT BRUNSCHWYLER, WHS Class of 1942, died September 21, 2000, in Montgomery, AL, of heart failure.

VINCENT DALE MULLINS, 68, of Princeton, died September 20, 2000.  He taught at Davy Junior High School for 15 years and served as principal at Hemphill Elementary from 1974 until his retirement in 1988. He received his B.S. degree from Concord College and his Masters from WVU.  In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by one brother, Jack Allen Mullins.  Survivors include one daughter, Melinda M. Jackson and husband, Jeffrey of Jackson, MS; one son, Vincent Dale Mullins, Jr. and wife, Cynthia of Ashboro, NC; two grandchildren; two sisters, Betty Giaimo of Leonardo, NJ and Darnell Mullins and husband, Robert of Princeton; one brother, Benny Mullins and wife, Patsy of Welch; six nieces; five nephews; and companion, Joyce Russ of Princeton.  The family requests memorial contributions be made to the American Heart Association, 1319 Quarrier St., Charleston, WV 25301 or the American Diabetes Assoc., P.O. Box 1115, Dunbar, WV 25064.

BOBBY L. DOSS, 65, of Charleston died September. 18, 2000, after a long illness.  He was a retired drafting and surveying instructor, having taught at Carver Career and Technical School and Pineville Vocational School, with 30 years' service. He was a design engineer for Precision Sampler Inc., South Charleston, and a member of Christ Church United Methodist, Charleston.  Surviving: wife, Mary E. Waddell Doss; son, Bobby L. Jr. of Teays Valley; daughters, Deborah Rectenwald of Charleston, Becky Crary of Poca, Teresa Parlagreco of St. Albans; brothers, Jack of Houston, Richard of Kent, Wash., Bill of Gainesville, Fla.; sisters, Jackie Colvard and Dorothy Farley, both of Princeton; 10 grandchildren.

TONY LARKIN, 86, of Welch, died September 16, 2000. He was a retired sales representative in the automobile industry and currently was employed by Tomchin Furniture Co. in Northfork.  In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Elizabeth Knea Larkin in 1993; three brothers, Jim Larkin, Phillip Larkin and Charlie Larkin; and four sisters, Angeline Romeo, Mary Larkin, Mellie Martini, and Phyllis Novince.  Survivors include two sons and daughters-in-law, Tony Larkin and wife, Vesta of Welch and Richard Larkin and wife, Martha of Carrollton, GA; a brother, Joe Larkin of Princeton; many nieces and nephews; a dear friend, Mrs. Jean Crockett; and three grandchildren.

CINDY REECE SAMS passed away in Michigan in mid-September, 2000.

MELVIN RANDOLPH HANSHAW, 72, of Big Sandy, died September 7, 2000, at Welch Community Hospital.   Born in Iaeger, he was the son of the late David D. and Myrtle L. Richardson Hanshaw.  He graduated from Welch High School in 1946.  He was a veteran of the Korean War, having also served in Germany, and was a member of American Legion Post 8, Welch.   He had worked as a sales representative at McDowell Auto Parts in Welch for 43 years, retiring in December 1989.  Survivors include his wife of 52-1/2 years, Elizabeth Walls Hanshaw of the home (Box 251, Roderfield, WV 24881); two sons and daughters-in-law, Randy Hanshaw and wife, Diana, of Roderfield, and Jim Hanshaw and wife, Sharon, of Hensley.   He was also the proud grandfather of six loving granddaughters.

RUTH JOYCE COX, 61, of Davy, died September 3, 2000.  Survivors include her husband of 43 years, Ray Cox, Sr. of Davy; three sons: Ray Cox Jr. and wife Paula Cox of Greenville, SC, Richard Cox and wife Dianna Cox of Coalwood, Roger Cox of the home in Davy; one daughter, Rebecca Sizemore and husband Robert of Greenville, SC; three sisters: Nita Helmandollar of Woodbridge, VA, Linda Bishop of Davy, and Phyllis Bly of Twin Branch; two brothers: Eugene Barnett of Troutville, VA, and Jimmy Barnett of Twin Branch; four grandsons and two granddaughters.

LARRY GENE DILLON of Coalwood, died August 23, 2000.  Born May 25, 1951, in Welch, he was the son of Herbert and Ann Dillon of the Welch-Pineville Road, and the late Madaline Walton Dillon. He worked with the engineering department of Virginia Crews. He was active for over 20 years in Little League Baseball where he served as a coach. He was a member of the District 2 staff of the Little League Baseball Association, and was president of the Big Creek Little League Baseball and the Welch Midget League Football.

JUNE ROUSE MOONEY, 83, of Welch, died August 10, 2000.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Thomas L. 'Tom' Mooney.  Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. Gale Porterfield and husband, Miller Porterfield of Charlotte, NC; one  son, Thomas Rouse Mooney and wife, Linda Stone Mooney of Johnson City, TN; and  five grandchildren.

of Morgantown died August 10.   Born on March 22, 1918, she was a daughter of the late Hiram E. and Kate King McGhee Davis.   She lived in Welch until 1987 when she moved to Morgantown. She taught at Welch High School for many years.   Survivors include her son, Sampy D. Hardin, Jr., and spouse, Jane Brock Hardin; daughter, Kathy L. Hardin; and six grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Sampy D. Hardin.

REGENNOL "Reggie" PIERCY, 60, of Bluefield,  passed away July 24, 2000. He was the son of the late Claude and Evelyn Street Piercy. He was known to his many friends throughout the area through his restaurant 'Reggio's' in Iaeger. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a brother, Claude Piercy, Jr. Survivors include his daughter, Cynthia Allison Henderson of Bluefield; his son, Regennol Edward Piercy of Atlanta, GA.; his brother, Robert Piercy of Beckley; three grandsons, Eric Henderson of Atlanta, Aaron Piercy of Atlanta, and Dustin Cline of Bluefield.  Reggie was a graduate of the WHS class of 1958.

RONALD L. INGRAM, class of 1974, passed on July 6, 2000, in Bluefield WV.

LARRY TIMOTHY "Tim" ISHERWOOD, age 44, died June 29, 2000 at his home in West Palm Beach, FL of a heart attack.   He is survived by his former wife Angie Byrd Isherwood, daughter Tara Isherwood, and sons Jacob and Christopher.  The morning of his death, Tim, a 1974 graduate,  was preparing to fly in for the '68 to '78 WHS reunion.  He is also survived by his mother, Willie Isherwood of Roanoke; sisters Jackie Isherwood Gordon and Priscilla Isherwood also of Roanoke, Shirley Isherwood Roberts of Holly Hill, FL, and Delores Isherwood Marshall of Morristown, TN;  and brothers, Terry Isherwood of Salem, VA, and Stan, Jr. of Peoria, AZ.

PAUL SHREWSBURY, WHS class of '44, died June 19, 2000.  Survivors include a son and daughter-in-law, Marty and Stephanie Shrewsbury of Roanoke, VA; granddaughter, Kayla Shrewsbury; sister, Phyllis Hurd of Blacksburg, VA.; nephew, John Hurd; and niece, Kathy Pauley.

DONNA K. WHITTAKER TESTERMAN, 43, of  Bluefield, died  June 6, 2000, at the Bowman-Gray Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC.    She was the daughter of William A. Whittaker, Jr. and Willa M. Hogston Whittaker of Bluewell.  In addition to her parents, she is survived by her husband, Raymond N. Testerman; sons, Raymond Scott Testerman and Branden Chase Testerman; brother, Charles R. Whittaker; paternal grandmother, Vadie Whittaker; and two grandchildren.  She was a 1975 graduate of Welch High School.

MARIO DEL CONT, 72, of Charlotte, NC, formerly of Welch, died June 4 at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, NC.

HAROLD TURNER, who attended WHS in the late 1930s,  died May 27, 2000.  He was married to the late Doris Greathead, WHS '44.

KAREN D. HOLLAND, 1969 graduate of Welch High School passed on May 25, 2000, in Charleston, WV.

ROBERT MARVIN STRINGER, born 4/16/44, passed away May 19, 2000 in Chicago, IL.  He was the son of Margaret Price-Stringer (WHS Class of '31) and Marvin Stringer, brother of Carol Stringer-Driskill (WHS '55), Frank (attended WHS in '57) and Elizabeth Stringer-Smith.  Robert Stringer attended WHS from 1958 through 1961, before entering the army.  Anyone wishing to make contact with the family may contact his nephew, Jeffrey Driskill, Sr., 520 Arbor Lane, South Elgin, IL 60177

86, died May 13, 2000, in Westerville  Nursing Home, Westerville, OH.    He was a  member of St. John Newmann Catholic Church in Sunbury, OH, formerly having been a member of the Our  Lady of Victory Catholic Church in Gary and the St. Peter Catholic Church in Welch. He was a member of the  WV Education Association, McDowell County Teachers Association and Reserve Officers Association of WV.  He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, having served in England and Germany, a member of  American Legion Post 8, Welch, and a retired major in the Army Reserves and a WV National Guard.   He was a graduate of Gary High School, Concord College and the University of Michigan. He was a retired  school teacher with 37 years in McDowell County schools, having served as band director at Elkhorn High  School and Welch High School.  In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by his wife, Helen Friel Lassak; four brothers, John, Andy,  Frank, and Edward Lassak; and a sister, Amelia Fenwick.  Survivors include two sons, Skip Lassak and wife Becky of Sunbury, and Tommy Lassak and wife Angela of  Bowling Green, KY; a daughter, Mary Marguerite Lassak Melvin and husband Mike, of Murfreesboro, TN; two  brothers, Walter Lassak of Elbert and Stanley Lassak of Denver, CO; three sisters Lillian Graham of Newport Beach, CA, Elizabeth Spaulding of Reno, NV, and Helen McDonald of San Francisco, CA, and seven  grandchildren.

GUY GLENN SMITH, WHS class of 1942, died May 8, 2000, at a hospital in Pittsburgh after a short illness.

STEPHEN LEE KISH, JR. of Charlotte, NC  died April 15, 2000, at his residence.  Born July 29, 1951, he was 1970 WHS graduate.  He served in the U.S. Marines during the Vietnam era. He was preceded in death by his father, Steve Kish.  Survivors include his mother, Marie Kish of Charlotte; daughter, Kelly Lea Kish of Concord, NC; brother, David Kish of Concord; sisters, Lydia Hull of McMurry, PA, Carol Miller of Bluefield, Mary Shoemaker, Peggy Kish and Susan Williams, all of Charlotte; and many nieces and nephews.

RUTH E. VAN, 78, of Kimball, died April 10, 2000, at the Princeton Community Hospital after a lengthy illness.  Born July 10, 1921, she was the daughter of the late Charles and Eula Alley Clontz.  She was a 1938 graduate of WHS.  Survivors include her husband of 60 years, J.C. Van of the home, two sons, Jimmy Van and wife Sonya of PA and Jeffrey Van of Alexandria, VA;  one grand-daughter, Cheryl Van of PA; a brother, Charles Clontz and wife Mary of San Antonio, TX; as well as several neices and nephews.

WILLA DEAN ENGLAND URPS passed away on April 4, 2000.  She was a 1960 WHS graduate.

WILLIAM B. "Bunny" LOVETT, JR., WHS class of 1935,  died in Miami, FL March 25, 2000.  He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.   He attended the University of Miami, FL on a boxing scholarship.  Later he became a boxing coach.   He served on the Florida State Boxing Commission and judged many title fights, among them the  Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston championship match.

HAROLD A. MULLINS of South Yarmouth, MA, formerly of Twin Branch,  died  March 29, 2000.  He was the son of the late Everett and Mary Mullins of Beckley. He was a graduate of WHS  and Northeastern University in Boston.  He began a 45-year profession with General Electric Co. in Lynn, MA in 1935. Survivors include his wife, Jean A. Russell Mullins; two sons, David A. Mullins and Ronald A. Mullins; brothers, Carl , Gaylord, William, Robert, and Howard; sisters, Helen Bass, Sally Crabtree, Juanita Sims, and Ann Rayle; two grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.  Memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, Cape Cod and the Islands Chapter, P.O. Box 953, Barnstable, MA 02630.

POLA LEE NOE BISHOP, 60, of Salisbury died  March 27, 2000 at her home.  Born in Welch, she was the daughter of Robert Lee Noe of Parkersburg, WV, and the late Alice Virginia Mullins.  She was a 1957 WHS graduate.  Mrs. Bishop attended Bluefield State College, Wor-Wic Community College and was currently taking art classes at University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne. She was employed as a laboratory technician for Medical Center Laboratory in Salisbury for 18 years and Maryland Medical Laboratory for 12 years. She was a member and former deacon of Wicomico Presbyterian Church. In addition to her father, she is survived by her husband of 41 years, Richard I. Bishop; a daughter, Betsy Bishop Robinson; a son, Richard Irwin Bishop Jr.; grandchildren, Brittany Marie Bishop, Jordan Lee Robinson, Joshua Paul Robinson and Hannah Elizabeth Robinson; a brother, Ronald E. Noe; and several nieces and nephews.  Memorial contributions may be made to Wicomico Presbyterian Church Memorial Fund, 129 Broad St., Salisbury, MD 21804.

JUDITH LYNN MILLS KENNEDY, 1971 WHS graduate, of Princeton died  March 20, 2000, at Charleston General Hospital.  Born July 18,1952, in Christiansburg, VA, she was the daughter of Helen Elizabeth Mills of Princeton, and the late Orley E. Mills.  She was a nurse's assistant at the Kegley Manor in Bastian, VA.  In addition to her mother, she is survived by one daughter, Rita Renae Isaac and husband Horace of Dover, PA; one son, Christopher Scott Kennedy of Princeton; two grandchildren; two brothers, Thomas E. Mills and wife Phyllis of Raleigh, NC, and Benjamin Mills and wife Sandra of Princeton, and two sisters, Karen Sue Lester and husband Larry of Hurricane, and Kathy Hurt of Louisville, KY.

LIBERTY CASALI, Professor Emeritus, died February 13, 2000, in Blacksburg, VA. She was born in Vivian, WV on October 15, 1911, to the late Antonio and Minnie Casali.  She attended Welch High School, graduated with a B.S. degree in chemistry from Duke University in 1933 and received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Colorado in 1952. During World War II, Dr. Casali worked as a chemist for General Electric Corporation in Pittsfield MA. The remainder of her career was devoted to her first love of teaching. First she taught math and science in the public schools of southern West Virginia and later instructed at Wheaton College. After receiving her doctorate, she was on the faculty at Russell-Sage College, Winthrop College and Bridgewater College. In 1977, she retired after ten years as Professor of Chemistry at James Madison University.

SAM LITZ passed away  February 11, 2000. He was the son of the late T.Mann and Lillian Counts Litz. He was a lifelong resident of Welch.  He was a  graduate of Indiana Technical College in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he earned a degree in civil engineering.  He was in the coal mining industry for 25 years, serving as superintendent at several mines.  He was a self-employed tractor trailer operator.  He was a member of the Masonic Bodies and was of the Presbyterian faith.  Survivors include wife, Mary, of  Bluefield; son, Matthew, of Kimball, and brother, Dr. Edward Litz of Bluefield.

ROY BLAKE SHROUT  passed away February 11, 2000, at INOVA FairOaks Hospital in Fairfax, VA following a  long illness. He was 66 years old. He was a brother to Barry Shrout, WHS Class of 1952, of Seaford, VA and Mrs. Bob (Carolyn) Jack, WHS Class of 1954, of Welch. His parents were the late Roy Blake and Beatrice Lentz Shrout of Welch. He graduated from Welch High School in 1951. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Wren; four children, Roy Blake III, Richard, Sherry, and Marilyn; three grandchildren and one step-grandchild. He was a retired Army Colonel and served two tours of duty in Vietnam, as well as at Army bases in Europe,  Ethiopia, Okinawa, and the U.S. He received a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from WVU and a Master's  Degree in Communications from George Washington University. He was awarded the Defense Superior Medal, Bronze Star Medal, and Meritorious Service medal, among many decorations.

KAREN "PEACHY" SMITH died 2/9/00 in Vero Beach, FL.  Peachy was a 1964 WHS graduate.

THOMAS WYMER FREEMAN, Sr., 67, Marietta, GA died January 30, 2000. Born in Welch, he was the son of the late Henry Lawrence Freeman and Alma Covey Freeman.  He was a 1950 graduate of Welch High School, received a BA degree from Concord College, and earned  master's degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, and Indiana University. Mr. Freeman was a veteran of the U.S. Army, and was employed with OSHA as an Industrial Hygienist, and with the TVA.  Mr. Freeman was a member and elder of Mount Paran North Church of God in Marietta, and was actively involved in the Gideons Society. Survivors include his wife, Brenda Clark Freeman of Marietta; son, Thomas W. Freeman Jr. of Birmingham, AL; daughters, Beverly Freeman of Marietta, GA, and Deborah Thomason of
Birmingham, AL;  and brother, Larry Freeman  of St. Albans,  WV.

HERBERT "Ebbie" EANES, 49, of 86 Frank Street, Welch, WV, died  01/30/00 in the VA Medical Center, Beckley, following a long illness.  Ebbie was a lifelong resident of McDowell County, graduate of Welch High School and a veteran of the Vietnam War.  He was a maintenance supervisor for HUD in Keystone until illness forced him to retire.  He was affiliated with the Baptist faith.  Born August 16, 1950, he was a son of  Herbert Edward Eanes Sr. and  Dorothy June England Eanes of  Welch. Other survivors include a daughter, Veronica Eanes; sons, Herbert E. "Bubby" Eanes, III and Andrew H. Eanes of Freeman; stepson, Mickey Ferrell; brother, Ricky Eanes of Premier; sisters, Libby Eanes Waldron, Deborah Eanes Fedele and Kathy Eanes Mullins; one grandson, Nicholas and three stepgrandchildren.

PAULINE NANCE HAWTHORNE, a graduate of the WHS class of 1934, died January 27, 2000.

FREDA LEGATO WORTHINGTON, graduate of the WHS class of 1952 and Marshall University, died January 8, 2000.  She was the daughter of the late Frank Legato and Margie Jenks Legato.  She was retired from the McDowell County Board of Education and a member of the Grandview Christian Church.  Survivors include her husband, Billy Worthington of Grandview, and one daughter, Marganne Worthington of Beckley.

PHYLLIS BOYD MAYS, WHS class of 1956, passed away January 7, 2000.

ELIZABETH YOUNG CLARK, age 86 of Bluefield, died January 4, 2000.  She taught many years in the McDowell and Mercer County public school systems and retired from the faculty of Bluefield College.  She was a 1934 graduate of the College of William and Mary and received her masters degree from West Virignia University.  She was preceded in death by her husband, J. Donald Clark and one brother, William B. Young.  Survivors include one son, W. Richard Clark and wife, Trudy, of Kingsport, TN, and 3 grandchildren.

ANGIE VIRGINIA BOWLING BELCHER, WHS class of 1958, passed away January 1, 2000.  She was born January 8, 1940 in Smith County, Virginia.

CHARLES LEE LAMBERT, WHS class of 1956, passed away in 1999, exact date unknown.

RAYMOND " Butch" MUNCY of Greensboro, NC passed away December 26, 1999.   He was the husband of Margaret, the brother of Brenda McPeak, the late Buford Muncy and Starr Koger Eldridge. He had two daughters, Sherri and Michelle, and two grandchildren.  He was a 1965 WHS graduate.

VIRGINIA E. "Jenny" HIGHBERGER PENDLETON, 79, of Charlton Hgts, WV,  died Dec. 24, l999. She was the daughter of Annis and R. Howard Highberger, formerly of Hemphill and the widow of William B. Pendleton.  She was a retired school teacher  from the former Cedar Grove High School in Kanawha County where she taught for 33 years.  She graduated from Welch High School at the age of l6.  She was a cum laude graduate of  West Virginia Tech.and a member of Phi Mu Gamma Sorority.  During WWII she served in the Army Air Corps in the combat zones of  France and Germany in the Intelligence Headquarters.  Prior to WWII she was an employee of Kingston and Cannelton Coal Companies.   Surviving are son and daughter-in-law, Howard  (Randi) and Andrea Aide (Andi) Pendleton of Rainelle, WV; granddaughter, Elizabeth Schultz; grandson, Drew Pendleton of Elkins, WV, and 3 great granddaughters; sisters, Nancy Baughan of Raleigh, N.C., Margaret Cassell of Fairfax, Va., Ruth(ie) Clark of Pinch, WV, and Catherine Smith of Chesapeake, Va.

STEPHANIE LEWIS ROBINSON TERRELL of 118 Woodlawn Drive, Laurens, SC 29360 died December 10, 1999, at St Francis Hospital in Greenville, SC.  Stevie Lou was born in Pikeville, KY, daughter of Brooke Scott Robinson and the late Omer Lewis Robinson.  She was a 1963 WHS graduate.  She attended college at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC and Concord College in Athens, WV.  She spent her adult life working for the Social Security Administration, taking early retirement in 1995.  She was a member of First Baptist Church and was a Sunday School teacher for 16 years.  Stevie leaves her husband Patrick Acree Terrell of the home, and one son Joshua Luke Terrell also of the home, one brother Scott Millis Robinson and sister-in-law Terry Carr Robinson, two nieces Kimberly R. Schoch and Danielle Voss.   She was a loving and faithful daughter, wife, and mother.

LUTHER CLARENCE HOLLANDSWORTH,  8 Herrick Place, Durham, NC died December 6, 1999.  He was the son of Guy (former WHS Principal) and Lillian Hollandsworth.  He graduated from WHS 1941 and attended Berea College.  He joined the Air Force in 1942 and received the Distinguished Flying Cross.  He attended the University of VA and received his MD from Bowman Gray Medical College, Winston-Salem.   He married Mary Ruth King of Princeton.  They have four children.  He is also survived by James, "Little Pop"; Billy Jo; Anna Sue; Faye and Beth King of Bluefield Va.  They all graduated from WHS.   A memorial service was held  December 9th at Epworth United Methodist Church, Durham.

ALICE MAE (PATSY) CLARK RAKES, 64, of Virginia Beach, VA died December 4, 1999.  She was born in Welch and she was a 1953 Welch High School graduate.  Patsy was a member of Marytown Pentecostal Church in Welch.  She leaves two daughters, Dee Chastain and Brenda Safarino, one son, James Ervin Rakes, II, and four grandchildren.  She was a loving mother and grandmother and will be dearly missed.

JAMES LEGATO of Iaeger died October 25, 1999.   Born December 23, 1906, in Davy, he was the son of the late Tony and Freida Panzira Legato.  He was a WHS graduate, and a baseball player for the New York Giants in Alabama.  He was a past employee of US Steel and in the 1930's owned and operated Legato Red Ash Coal Company.  He was an accountant for Norfolk and Western Railway, and founded and operated the 52 Market in Iaeger for 52 years.  In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Maxine, and a grandson, Jimmy; four sisters, Julia Morgan, Joan Azzaro, Ann Cook and Mary Fortuna; three brothers, Frank Legato, Floyd "TiTi" Legato, and Joseph Legato.   Survivors include two sons, James E. Legato and wife, Geri, of Iaeger, and Tony Legato of Martinez, CA; a daughter, Mrs. Goebel (Anita) Thacker of Fairfax, VA; a sister, Virginia Verduce of Beckley; four granddaughters, Jeaneen Whitley of Charleston, Angelique Ramser of Warrenton, VA, Amy Box of Lovetteville, VA, and Christina Orr of Alameda, CA; two grandsons, Jeff Legato of San Luis Obispo, CA, and James Thacker of Rome, Italy; and 10 great-grandchildren.

INA MCCONNELL SHARPE, formerly of McDowell County, died in an auto accident Wednesday, October 20, 1999, in Florida.   Born January 25, 1952, in Kimball, she was the daughter of Mrs. Gwendolyn McConnell Thomas of Martinsville, VA., and the late Robert Ira McConnell.  She was a 1969 WHS graduate and attended Bluefield State College.  Survivors include her daughter, Michelle McConnell of Tampa, FL., a brother, Robert "Moose" McConnell of Princeton, a sister, Nellie M. Sorah of Martinsville, VA., and several neices and nephews.

BRENDA SIZEMORE BARNETT, 50 of Davy, WV died October 16, 1999, in Blufield Regional Medical Center.  Born May 7, 1949, in Asco she was the daughter of Mrs. Juanita Worthington Sizemore of Davy and the late Richard Lee Sizemore. She had been a lifelong resident of the Davy Asco area, member of the First Church of God, Davy and a graduate of Welch High School. She was employed as an interviewer for the Unemployment Office in Welch. In addition to her father she was preceded in death by an infant daughter, Stephanie Barnett, and a brother, Doug Sizemore. Other than her mother, survivors include her husband, Jimmy Barnett of the home; a daughter, Mrs. Chris (Jami) Buckner of Princton; three brothers, Don Sizemore of Asco, Kenneth Sizemore of Davy, and Jack Sizemore of Westfield NC; and a grandson, Christopher Ray Buckner Jr. of Princton.

DEBERAH D. ISABELLE, 44, of 8 Redden Village, Bluefield, formerly of Kimball, died  Sept. 29, 1999, following a lengthy illness.  Born 11/12/54, in Welch, she was a daughter of William and Louise Dolby Larry of Bluefield. She was a 1973 WHS honor graduate. She attended West Virginia University and graduated Cum Laude from Bluefield State College in 1977. She was formerly employed at Carroll Coal Company and Allied Refrigeration. At the time of her death, she was employed by the Mercer County Board of Education as assistant business manager.  In addition to her parents, she is survived by her devoted husband of 21 years, Thomas "Bo" Isabelle of the home; two sons, Yubrenal Isabelle, a student at the University of Virginia, and William Isabelle, a senior at Princeton High School, of the home; one sister, Sandra Wade of Bluefield; two brothers, Tyrone Larry and wife Rose of Bloomfield, Conn., and Nelson Larry of Manchester, Conn.; mother-in-law, Authorine Isabelle of Kimball; two aunts, Violet Gilliam of Gary and Gracie Neubille of New York; two uncles, Donald Dolby of Ohio and Odell (Eloise) Larry of Michigan; a host of many nieces and nephews; brothers-in-law; sisters-in-law; cousins and many friends.

JOHN LANE DAVID, 71, of Christiansburg, died September 3, 1999.  Born June 10, 1928 in Welch, WV, he was preceded in death by his parents, John Benford and Nora Ellen Lane David. Mr. David retired from Montgomery County Public Schools after 33 years as a teacher and football coach in West Virginia and Virginia. He is a 1947 graduate of Welch High School and coached for several years in McDowell County. He is survived by his wife, Annette David; and son, Mark Lane David of Christiansburg; daughter and son, Jacquelyn Profitt and John Lane David, Jr. of Charlotte, N.C.; daughter and son-in-law, Martha and Bob Warring of Scottsville, Va.; five grandchildren, Nichole David, Ashley and Amanda Profitt and Kelly and Christopher Warring; stepdaughter and son-in-law, Ellen and Marvin Howard of West Point, Va.; and stepson, Graham Thompson of Philadelphia, Penn.; step grandson, Daniel Howard; and a nephew, Stuart ("Sammy") David, San Antonio, N.M.  In lieu of flowers, the family suggests contributions be made to the Alzheimer's Association, 919 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1000, Chicago, Ill. 60611-1676.

JOHN MARUSHIA WHS Class of 1956.  Died July 1, 1999.

JOSEPH THOMAS "Joey" VERDIGLIONE, 51, of Longview, TX,  formerly of McDowell County died June 10, 1999 at his residence.  Born June 6, 1948, he was the son of Maxine Verdiglione and the late Tony Verdiglione. Additional survivors include his wife, Jessie Sue Prickett Roberts, and numerous other relatives.  Joey was a 1967 WHS graduate.

DONNA FAY JENNINGS, 50, of Saulsville, formerly of McDowell County,died  May 31, 1999 during a robbery at Tolliver's Exxon in Saulsville.   Born November 19, 1948, in Big Jenny, she was the daughter of Ruby Justus Blankenship of Saulsville and the late Ray Junior Blankenship of Davy.   Mrs. Jennings attended Davy schools and Welch High School.  She worked for 7-11 convenience store in Pineville for several years. and for the past 10 years she was employed at Tolliver's Exxon as office manager,    Other than her mother survivors include her husband, Roger L. Jennings, Sr. two sons, Roger L. Jennings of Pinch, and Christoper Ray Jennings of Mullens; two sisters, Mrs. Keith (Frances) Altizer of Saulsville, and Mrs. Bruce (Kathy) Cottle of Moneta, Va., five grandchildren, Roger III and Brittany Jennings, Page Dodd, Courtney and Evan Jennings; and several nieces and nephews.

RALPHA JEAN "COOKIE" BYRD HAZELDEN, WHS Class of 69, age 47, died June 3, 1999 at Munroe Medical Center in Ocala,Florida. A certified medical coder , she was employed by Pro-Medical Billing Service in Ocala.  A Native of Welch,W.Va., she moved to Ocala from Fort Lauderdale 12 years ago. She was a member of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church. Survivors include her Husband, Robert Hazelden,son Jeffery both of Ocala, her mother Nellie Obrochta Byrd, brother Walter Byrd, sister Kitty Potapow both of Ocala and sister Angie Isherwood, Plantation, FL; several nieces and nephews and two great nieces. Memorial contributions can be made to Ocala Royal Dames For Cancer Research,  PO Box 6163, Ocala Florida 34478-6163.

LILLIAN GREGORY GILLIES, 84, of Tazewell, VA, died  May  25, 1999, in a Tazewell hospital.   Born Oct. 2, 1914, she was a daughter of the late Shelby and Arrie Jackson Gregory. She was a member of the Main Street United Methodist  Church, Tazewell, and active in church circles. She was a graduate of  Welch High School, a lifetime member of the Eastern Star in Stone, KY,  and had taught piano during the time she resided in Stone. She was a volunteer in the recreation department at the Heritage Hall Health Care  in Tazewell.  In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by her husband,  Donald McPherson Gillies; one son, James Shelby Gillies; and two  sisters, Kathleen Fox and Hazel Hall.  Survivors include two sisters, Marjorie Thompson of Las Cruces, NM, and  Ruth Monk and husband, Sid, of Tazewell; and several nieces and  nephews.

SARAH LOU MEADE BOYD, 63, of 26 Pine Circle, Athens, died  May 25, 1999 in a Beckley hospital. Born Aug. 30, 1935 in Wilcoe, she was the daughter of the late Jackson  "Jack" and Charlotte "Louise" Kelly Meade. She was a graduate of Welch  High School and a 1987 graduate of Concord College with a degree in  history. She lived in many places throughout the United States, including  Cleveland, OH, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Albuquerque, NM, New  Orleans, LA, and Carmel, CA. She returned to Athens in 1984.  Besides her parents she was preceded in death by a grandson, Bradley  Fagan.  Survivors include three daughters, Jacqueline Fagan Myal of Pulaski, VA,  Susan Alvis of Bluefield, VA, and Elizabeth "Beth" Sizemore of Athens; a  son, Dennis Michael Boyd of New Orleans; two sisters, Dianne Meade  Oblinger of Charleston, and Peggy Barnes of Las Vegas, NV; a brother,  Bill Meade of Welch; eight grandchildren; and numerous cousins and other  relatives.  The family requests that memorial contributions be made to the Athens  Town Park, P.O. Box 458, Athens, WV 24712.

MRS. SYRETHIA CHATTEN HARRIS,  42, of Welch, died May 11, 1999 at her home on Hobart St.  She was the daughter of Hattie B. Wimbish  Chatten of Welch and the late Allie M. Chatten.  She was a resident of Welch for the past 20 years, and a graduate of  Welch High School. She attended the McDowell County Voc-Tech Center. She  was employed at Welch Emergency Hospital as a certified nursing  assistant, and a member of the Mt. Grove Baptist Church, Hemphill.  In addition to her father she was preceded in death by one brother, Al  J. Chatten; and one sister, Hattie E. Chatten.  Other than her mother, survivors include three daughters, Jobina W.  Chatten, Direce D. Harris and Candiace C. Harris, all of the home; one brother, the Rev. Joseph Chatten of Southfield, MI; five sisters, Fannie  Baylor of Radford, VA, Diane Claytor of Mullens, Mrs. Phil (Louise) Law,  Mrs. Alphonso (Rhonda) Wray Sr., and LeDale Chatten, all of Welch; and a  host of other relatives.  Pallbearers were be nephews, Datoma  Baylor, Donald Baylor Jr., Ronald  Cummings, Timothy Cummings, Alphonso Wray Jr., and Antonio Wray.

MRS. WILBURN E. (NANNIE JEFFERSON ARNOLD) STONE, 90, completed her earthly journey of Christian faith May 17, 1999. Born July 29, 1908 in Hurt, VA, Nannie ws the daughter of  George Jefferson and Fannie Powell Arnold.  Nannie was a lifelong active member of the Methodist Church. She was the widow of Wilburn Ellwood Stone, who preceded her in death on  May 14, l980.  Nannie is survived by two daughters, Susan Stone Lawson and husband,  Paul, of Pittsburgh, PA, and Linda Stone Mooney and husband, Thomas, of  Johnson City, TN. Also surviving are four sisters: Jamie Ellis, Virginia  Nichols and Carole Arnold, all of Welch, and Florence Short of Logan,  WV. In addition she is survived by seven grandchildren  and thirteen  great grandchildren.  She was a graduate of Welch High School. After teaching 37 years in McDowell County, she retired in June 1973.  Besides her church activities, she remained active until she died,  including the State and McDowell County Retired Teachers Association,  Eastern Star, Welch Garden Club, and McDowell Woman's Club.   Memorial contributions may be made to the First United Methodist Church,  P.O. Box 416, Welch, WV 24801.

MRS. MARY GREGO HARRAH, 84, of Huntington, died Wednesday, May 5, 1999  in  St. Mary's Hospital. Born July 28, 1914 in Kimball, she was the daughter of the late John  Grego and Rosa Bare Grego. She was a graduate of Welch High School and a  former member of the Order of the Eastern Star, Kimball chapter.  She was a former department store salesperson and previously worked as a  bookkeeper for Chapman Printing. She was also a 50-year member of  Johnson Memorial United Methodist Church, the E.T. Jones Sunday School  Class, and United Methodist Women.  Besides her parents she was preceded in death by one son, John G. Harrah  in 1992; one sister, Lucy Vaglienti; and one brother, Fortunato Grego.  Survivors include her husband of 57 years, Arnett A. Harrah II; one son,  Arnett A. Harrah III of Louisville, KY; two sisters, Geneva Brown of  Kimball and Pauline Herndon of Brevard, NC; two grandchildren, John A.  "Tony" Harrah of Huntington, and Jennifer Gray of Nashville, TN; and two  great grandchildren.  Memorial contributions may be made to the Johnson Memorial United  Methodist church.

KATHRYN NOEL EDWARDS of 1441 Stewart St., Welch, died  April 27, 1999 in a Charleston hospital.  A resident of Welch the greater part of her life, she was the daughter  of the late Walker Timberlake Noel and Georgia Sink Noel. She was a graduate of the University of Tennessee, and prior to her marriage  taught history and government at Welch High School and other McDowell  County schools. She had a lifetime involvement in Girl Scouting and was  the former director of Camp Houston. She was an avid supporter of the  SPCA and a member of the First Presbyterian Church, Welch.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband,  Dr. Rowland H. Edwards, a surgeon at the former Stevens Clinic in Welch;  two sisters, Evelyn Noel Hackett and Elizabeth Noel Clinard; and three  brothers, Harold, Paul and Walker Noel.   Survivors include one niece, Jennifer Clinard of San Francisco, CA; and  two nephews, R. Noel Clinard of Richmond, VA, and Thomas T. Noel of  Pratt.

JESSE O. HARDY, 82, of 197 Stewart St., Welch, died April 19, 1999.  Born Feb. 20, 1917 in Vivian, he was the son of the late Isaac and  Bertha Finney Hardy. He was a resident of the Kimball and Vivian area  most of his life and had resided in Welch the past eight years. He was a  1936 graduate of Welch High School and a veteran of World War II.  He was a retired miner from Peerless Coal and Coke Co., and a member of  the UMWA. He was also a former employee of the Department of Highways in  Welch, where he worked as a mechanic, and a former employee of the Esso  Service Station, Northfork. In  addition to his parents he was preceded in death by two brothers,  William Hardee and Herman Hardee; and one sister, Forrest Wilson.  Survivors include his wife of 47 years, June Turpin Hardy of the home;  one son, Dennis "Dink" Hardy and wife, Susan; one grandson, Christopher  Hardy, one granddaughter, Katherine Hardy, all of  Welch; one brother, James Hardee and wife, Mildred, of Atwater, CA; one  sister, Thelma Roe of Bluefield; and several nieces and nephews.

MAXINE TURNER GILMER of 205 Cook Ave., Brookneal, VA, died April 12, in her home.  Born in Epperly, she was the daughter of the late Harry Bernard Turner  and Hattie Ganelle White Turner. She was a graduate of Welch High  School.  She was a member of the  Federation of Women's Clubs for 51 years.  She was a member of the St. John Episcopal Church and was active in the  Episcopal Church Women's League in Keystone and Oak Hill.  In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by three brothers,  Harry Turner Jr., Fred Turner and William Turner; and two sisters,  Louise Scott and Nelle Barker. Other than her husband, survivors include two daughters, Beverly  Gilmer-Noakes of Fredericksburg, and Priscilla Gilmer Yasbick of Eden,  NC; three grandchildren, Kristen M. Noakes of Fredericksburg, Trever P.  Noakes of Spotsylvania, Eric S. Noakes of Stafford; two sisters, Mary  Turner Sergent of  Brookneal, and Patricia Turner Harris of Halifax; and  a sister-in-law, Joan Auvil Turner of Iaeger.

CLARA PERALDO 85, of The Maples Nursing Home, Bluefield, formerly of Welch,  died  April 13, 1999 in the facility.  Born Feb. 8, 1914 in Bramwell, she was the daughter of the late O.B. and  Catherina Janutolo Peraldo. She was a graduate of Welch High School and  Concord College, and a retired educator, having taught for 35 years in  McDowell County.   She had resided in Bluefield the past eight years, and was a member of  the First Baptist Church, Welch.  In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by three sisters,  Mary C. Peraldo, Ethel Ramella and Aura Peraldo.   Survivors include two nephews, Tullio A. Ramella and Monty B. Ramella,
both of Bluefield, VA.

RUSH SMITH passed away on March 26, 1999 at St. Albans, WV.   Rush was born on February 9, 1947.   He was a 1965 graduate of Welch High School.  He is survived by his mother, Naomi Smith, Radford, Virginia, two brothers; Richard Lee Smith, Spartansburg, SC and Roy Arnold Smith of Charleston, WV; three sisters, Frances Ann Newman, Radford, VA;  LaDonna Smith, Charlottesville, VA and Renee Smith Allen, Charlottesville, VA . He is also survived by three children, Rush J. Smith, II of Indianapolis, IN, Rushette Smith, Indianapolis IN, and Roman Shawn Smith, Kopperston, WV.

GLENN WESLEY FARTHING, who graduated from WHS in 1954, passed away March 21, 1999.

BETTY LOU BLANKENSHIP CLARK, 63, died March 15, 1999 after a long illness, Betty, a native of Havaco, WV and a WHS '54 graduate, retired from the Dept. of Corrections in 1992 after 20 years of service. She is survived by her husband Wilmer Wesley Clark: her son William L. Clark and her daughters: Georgia C. Gentry, Belinda Sue Clark, Nita C. Grattan and Sharon C. Chase; 8 grandchildren all of  Chesterfield area. She is also survived by her brothers Hassel A. Blankenship of California and Joseph A. Blankenship of Midlothian; and by her sisters, Loye B. Fine of West Va. and Peggy B. Edward of Glen Allen, Va.  In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer's Assoc. of Greater Richmond.

64, of Halls Ridge Road, Princeton, formerly of Welch, died March 7, 1999.  Born April 3, 1934, at Big Four, he was the son of the late Emanuel and Margaret Kathleen Buckland Day.  He was a 1952 WHS graduate.  He served as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army. A graduate of Concord College, he taught at WHS from 1959 to 1963.  He was a branch office manager of the West Virginia Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services until his retirement.  While living in Welch he was a very active member of the First Baptist Church, a member of the Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge No. 1094,  the Welch Rotary Club, the AF& AM Masonic Lodge at Welch, the Beni Keden Temple at Charleston and the Jesters.  He was a past chairman for the United Way drive.  On August 1, 1990, he moved to Princeton to serve as administrator for the Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge No. 1521.   In June of 1992 he was retained by the Department of Veterans Affairs as a readjustment counseling specialist in Princeton. He was a member of the Johnston Chapel Baptist Church in Princeton.  Survivors include his  wife of 38 years, Nancy Elizabeth Smith Day; two daughters, Rebecca Elaine Day of Morristown, Tennessee and J. Beth Day, M.D. of Winston-Salem, NC.

FRANK JOHN BIGNOTTI, WHS class of '45,  of Largo, FL died on February. l9, l999.  He was born in Kimball, WV, in l927, to the late Pete and Caterina Dallamotta Bignotti.  He moved to Largo in l972 from  Washington, DC, where he retired from l8 years as an officer with the Washington Police Department.  He was a Navy veteran of World War II.  He graduated from the Metropolitan Police Academy of Washington. He was Catholic. Survivors include Dorothy Mitchell (daughter of the former Justice of the Peace E. Lonnie Mitchell of Hensley, WV) his wife of 48 years; three sons, Pete, Woodbridge, VA, Frank and Tony of Largo, and a daughter Tina B. Busch, of New Orleans; two brothers, Matthew, Largo, and Pete, Montclair, VA; six sisters, Mary, Bluefield, WV, Dina, Garden City, CA, Frances, Brooksville, FL, Sylvia, Lake Havasu, AZ, Wanda , Bluefield, VA, and Joanna, Princeton, WV; eight grandchildren, and a great granddaughter.

ANDREW "SKIP" SHANDOR JR., 57, of Goodview, VA, formerly of Welch (Jr.  Poca), died  January 30, 1999. Born September 28, 1941 in Jr. Poca, he was the son of Rosie Shandor of  Coalwood, and the late Andrew "Andy" Shandor Sr.  Other than his mother survivors include one daughter, Andrea Saul and  her husband, Bill, of Roanoke, VA; one son, Steve Shandor and wife,  Melanie of Roanoke; and one grandson, Tully Saul of Roanoke.

JIMMIE LEE MCKAMEY, age 57, died January 27, 1999.  A native of Vivian, WV, he was a U.S. Army Veteran.  He was a 1960 WHS graduate. Survivors include his wife of 23 years, Sandy McKamey; sons, Charles Michael McKamey and Joshua James McKamey; daughters, Melissa McKamey, Michelle McKamey and Marla Classey; and seven grandchildren.

JUANITA G. (NITA) YORK O'QUINN died of pneumonia on January 10, 1999, in a Deland, FL hospital.  She had lived in Florida since 1960.  She had  three daughters and seven grandchildren.  Her cremated remains were scattered in the Atlantic Ocean at Stuart, FL on Memorial Day, 1999.  A member of the WHS Class of '46, Nita was on the staff of the Maroon Wave, wrote some poetry for the paper and was in the May Court.  Her husband, Bob O'quinn, resides in Deland.

BEVERLY ANN VALLO DELAP, 55, of Tampa, FL, formerly of Welch, died at her home, December 19, 1998.  Born August 27, 1943 in Welch, she was the daughter of Ann Vallo of Welch and the late Mike Vallo.  She ws affiliated with the Catholic faith.  Besides her father, she was preceded in death by an infant brother, Dennis.  Other than her mother survivors include a  brother, Mike Vallo and wife, Rosanna of Welch. (Information contributed by her mother.)

ERNEST WALDRON, JR., who graduated WHS in 1956, died in 1998.

WILLIAM RAY THOMPSON, former Welch dentist, died December 18,  1998 at his home in Asheville, NC.  A native of Welch, Thompson was the son of the late Henry Allen Thompson  and Audrey Gant Thompson. He was a graduate of West Virginia University  where he earned his degree in dentistry, and later established his  practice in Welch. He was a member of the American Dental Association  and a veteran of the U.S. Army.   Following his retirement, he and his wife, Marcia A. Harris Thompson,  moved to Asheville, where they had resided the past 11 years.  Additional survivors include a daughter, Dr. Annemarie Thompson of San  Francisco, CA; a son, Carl William Thompson of Phoenix, AZ; and a  brother, Ronald H. Thompson of Charlottesville, VA.   Memorial contributions may be made to the Homeless  Shelter of one's choice.

DORIS GREATHEAD TURNER, WHS '44, died November 19, 1998.

WILLIAM CHAFFINS, SR., 78, of 310 Edgewood Road, Bluefield, VA, died Oct. 5, 1998. Born in Thacker (Mingo County), he was the son of the late Harry  Chaffins and Holly Hoskins Chaffins (of Welch). He was a graduate of  Welch High School and a veteran of World War II. He was employed by Appalachian Power Company for 38 years. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, Welch,  where he served as Sunday School superintendent, and since moving to  Bluefield, he attended the Virginia Avenue United Methodist Church,  Bluefield, VA. He also was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars,  Tazewell.  In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by two brothers,  Archie Chaffins and Herbert Chaffins.  Survivors include his wife, Eula Mae "Jinx" Chaffins; two sons, Thomas  R. Chaffins and wife, Marty, of Bluefield, VA, and William A. "Bill"  Chaffins Jr. and wife, Karen, of Bluefield; two daughters, Sarah C.  Tetteron and husband, Ernie, of Winterville, NC, and Susan C. Davis and  husband, "Buck," of Tazewell; one sister, Elaine C. Leach of Princeton;  and eight grandchildren.

BOYD LUCADO, 86, of Bradenton,  FL, died Sept. 24, 1998 at his home.  Service was be held in Mansion Chapel, Ellenton, FL.  Mr. Lucado was a teacher in the McDowell County school system for 45  years before moving to Florida in 1983.  Survivors include his wife, Pauline Ratcliff Lucado, formerly of Iaeger, who served as principal at Big Sandy Elementary and Fall River  Elementary for a number of years; two daughters, Brenda Laxton and Linda  Davis, both of Palmetto, FL; two grandchildren; and two  great grandchildren.  Information submitted by Linda Davis, 8130 Woodlawn Circle, Palmetto, FL  34221.

VERNON THOMAS NOE of Bassett, VA passed away  September 23, 1998 at the age of  60.  He was born  February 26, 1938.  Survivors include his wife, Bertha Louise, one daughter Vickie Thompson, one son Vernon Thomas Noe, Jr., two brothers Paul C. Noe, Jr. and Lewis Noe and six grandchildren.  He was a graduating member of the Welch High School Class of 1956.

JULIA LEGATO MORGAN, age 81 of the Divides area of North Tazewell, formerly a lifelong resident of Welch, died August 26, 1998.  Born March 9, 1917 at Davy, she was the daughter of Antonius and Ferdinanda Panzera Legato.  She was a retired registered nurse with greater then 25 years of service at Grace Hospital/Doctors Memorial Hospital and Welch Emergency Hospital.  Three brothers and three sisters preceded her in death.   She is survived by her husband, William Morgan; son, Kenneth W. Morgan of Bridgeport West Virginia; daughters, Patricia Blankenship of Welch and Billie Kay Simpkins of Hopewell VA;  brother James Legato, Sr. and sister, Virginia Verduce; three grandsons and one granddaughter.

WINIFRED ANNE GREEN passed away June 30, 1998. "Wendy" was a member of the WHS class of '78.  She  was married to Richard Valaydon-Pillay and had one son, Adam.   At the time of her death she was living in London, England where she met her husband while on a work-study program under the auspices of Spokane Community College of Washington State.

FREDERICK BUTLER HARDISON, 58, died in Charlotte, NC,  June 16, 1998, from pneumonia as a complication of brain cancer.  Born June 26, 1939, in Welch, he was the son of the late C. H. "Kid" Hardison and Helen Eichert Hardison. He was a 1958 WHS graduate.  He  was employed by the Florida public school system for 10 years where he taught and coached sports. For the past 17 years, he had worked as a health physicist in the nuclear power industry.  He served in the U. S. Army from 1962-65.  Survivors include two daughters, Shelly and Paige Hardison, and one son,  Frederick Brett Hardison, all of Stuart, FL; three brothers, Charles H. Hardison of Leesburg, VA, Robert H. Hardison of Charlotte, NC, and Richard E. of Charleston, WV.

JAMES DOUGLAS DALTON, who graduated from WHS in 1956, died May 1998.

DAVID SCOTT SNUFFER, formerly of Premier, died on April 30, 1998 of an apparent heart attack.

JAMES SMITH, who graduated WHS 1956, died April 12, 1998.

ERNEST ULISSE, who graduated WHS 1956, died April 9, 1998.

87 of Crofton, MD, formerly of Princeton and Welch, WV, died Friday, March 6, 1998 in Crofton Convalescent Center.  Born Sept. 10, 1910 in Sutton, she was the daughter of the late Arthur C. d Jenny Marcuzzi Gridelli.  She was a retired school teacher from the McDowell County Board of Education, having taught several years at Northfork High School and Welch High School.  She received her Master's Degree from the University of Kentucky in 1932. In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by her husband James K. Sledge. Survivors include two sons, James K. Sledge of Davidsonville, MD and Patrick G. Sledge of Joliet, IL; one daughter, Susan J. Cole of Alexander, VA. two sisters, Josephine Hamrick of Poughkeepsie, NY, and Sylvia Ann Trapp of Michigan; six grandchildren; and one great grandchild.

ROBERT O. DOUGLAS, WHS class of 1953, died February 19,1998, at his home.  He was a graduate of WVU and the owner of the Douglas Mortuary in Welch and War.  He is survived by his widow, Linda Keiling Douglas of Welch, one daughter, Jennifer Jane Douglas,  of Oak Hill, and a brother,  Richard L. Douglas of Martinsburg.

DANNY RAY SHOTTO died February 5, 1998, at his home in Sarasota, FL.  Born October 2, 1944 in Carswell, he attended WHS 1960-1964.

STANLEY C. MORGAN, WHS  class of '42, died July, 1997.   He was the president of the WHS student body in his senior year.  Stanley was a native of Davy, WV and was a decorated veteran of WW-II.  He graduated from WVU with an electrical engineering degree and worked in the telephone industry in Charleston, WV and Washington, DC.   He was an avid private airplane pilot for many years. Survivors include a wife and several brothers including Thomas Morgan, WHS '43.

GEORGE NELSON PERALDO, WHS class of '42, died in Pinehurst, NC in August 1997.  George was a native of Welch and an U.S. Navy veteran of WW-II.  He graduated from Marshall University and was an independent contractor and president of both Pauley Drilling and Bluewell Drilling Companies.  George lived in Bluefield, WV for many years prior to his retirement and moved to Pinehurst, NC in '89 where he was active in church and community activities.  Survivors include a wife and a brother, Henry Peraldo, WHS '40, of Greensboro, NC.

LESTER K. BEAVERS, 57, of Keyser, WV, died November 28, 1997.  Dr. Beavers, a 1958 WHS graduate, was dean of academic affairs for Potomac State College.  He is survived by his mother, Edna (Gillespie) Beavers Northern; his wife, Jeannette H. (Shepp) Beavers; one son, Kevin E. Beavers; a step-son, William Thomas Heckman III; and one brother, Leslie E. Beavers.

CHERYL LYNN DUNN departed this life after a long illness on October 16, 1997.  She was a 1978 graduate of Welch High School.  She was formerly of Kimball, West Virginia.  Cheryl had made her home in Rego Park, New York.   Cheryl is survived by her only child, a daughter, Bongi Michelle, who was the light of her life.

RUTH VIRGINIA (HALL) TASHE of Welch, died August 30, l997.  Born June 22, l924 to the late Ruben and Pearl Jane Rose Hall,  she is preceded in death by one brother, Paul "Pete" Hall. Survivors include, Steve Tashe now of Tuscaloosa, AL; one daughter, Connie Sopsher of Dandridge, TN;  one son, Steve O. Tashe of Tuscaloosa, AL; a sister, Dorothy Riddle of Ferrum, VA; a brother,  Lee Edward Hall of Punta Gorda, FL; and 3 grandchildren. She was l943 graduate of Welch High School.

FRANCES JUNO died July 17, 1997, in Henryetta, Oklahoma.   Frances had moved to Oklahoma from Capels in 1967. She was victim of breast cancer.   She was a graduate of the class of 1963.

DOROTHY MAE PHIPPS SLONE of Roanoke, died  March 26, 1997, at home following a long illness.  She graduated from Welch High School in 1939.  She managed the Thrifty Shop in Welch from 1958 to 1965, and worked for Moore's Lumber and Building Supplies in Roanoke.  In May, 1940, she married John Edward Stater of Welch, who was later a Roanoke County deputy sheriff.  They were the parents of Patricia Anne Britton and Michael E. Stater, both of Roanoke.  On Jan. 29, 1983, she married Warren H. Slone of Roanoke.

LILLIAN KIPFINGER TURPIN, who graduated from WHS in 1956, died February 13, 1997.

JOSEPH MASON TILLEY died January 13, 1997.  He was  a 1965 WHS graduate. He was a lifelong resident of Welch and employed for 12 years in the electrical and maintenance department of  Elk Run Coal Co. at Sylvester. He formerly worked at the Capels operation. Survivors include his wife, Sandra Stapleton Tilley of the home, one son David Tilley of Tennessee, one daughter Shannon Tilley a student at WV Tech in Montgomery, one sister Marilyn Tilley of Welch and one brother Morris Tilley of Tallahasse, FL.

JOSEPH X. FAZIO died September 30, l996 in Beckley, WV of lung cancer. Joe was  born March 7, l9l3, the son of  Frank and Concetta Fazio of Welch, WV.  He graduated from WHS, class of l93l.  He was a stockbroker, owning his own business for over 40 years in Beckley.  He is survived by two sons, Jimmy of Blue Ridge,VA and Dale of Annapolis,MD and two daughters, Val of Rockledge, FL and Connie of Annapolis, MD, l0 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.  He was active until his death in the Rotary Club and was past District Governor.  He spent the winter in FL with his daughter,Val, for the last l4 years. He is also survived by two sisters, Retha Roncella of Welch and Dale Kane of Cleveland, OH. as well as two brothers, O'toole Fazio of Bristol, TN and Albert Fazio of  Columbus, OH.

IRENE ROTENBERRY HUFFMAN, who graduated WHS in 1956, died August 16, 1996.

A veteran educator for 41 years and longtime Welch resident, Elizabeth LaNelle Agee died 6/14/96.   Miss Agee is fondly remembered as a familiar figure on "the hill," where she instructed over 6000 students.  She was a graduate of Radford College, Radford, VA and WVU.  Miss Agee was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, Welch where she had formerly served as organist and choir director. She was active in the church and many  women's organizations. She served on the War History Commission from 1944-46 and the WVU Board of Governors from 1943-45.  She was a life member of the WVU Alumni Association, National Education Association, National Council of Teachers of English, West Virginia Education Association, McDowell Education Association, McARSE and an honorary member of the West Virginia Association of Classroom Teachers. Born 10/10/13 in Staunton, VA,  she was the daughter of the late Leonard Cleveland and Mollie Marie Cline Agee. Survivors include a first cousin, Dr. Jack Davis of Harrisonburg, VA, formerly of Welch, and several additional cousins.

JAMES G. SAGRIS, an arts conservator and resident of Zebulon, NC, died December 22, 1996 of complications from lung cancer.  He was known among international fine arts dealers and museums as an exceptional craftsman and specialist of ceramic restoration.  He was born in Welch, WV in 1942, the son of George and Katherine Sagris.  Active in music, theater, civic, and charitable organizations, he graduated from  Welch High School in 1960.  He was, an Eagle Scout and Alpha Omega award recipient.  He later attended college in Connecticut and traveled abroad to study art restoration in England.  Mr. Sagris is survived by his sister, Maria Sagris Herrey, and his niece and nephew, Dorothea and Alexander Herrey, of Cambridge, MA.  A  first cousin, Maria Kamos, is a resident of Raleigh.

ROGER EARL PHILLIPS, born in Capels, WV,  passed away on November 26, 1996.  Roger lived in Union City, Tennessee.  He and his wife Annette had one daughter, Jennifer age 24, one son, Scott age 21 and one grandson, Jacob 4 years of age.  Roger was preceded in death by his mother, Sophia who was a nurse at Welch Emergency Hospital and his father James Phillips, older brother Bobby who died in 1992 and sister Maggie who died in 1963.  He is survived by his sister, Priscilla Dean of Tennessee, brother Jimmy of Burke, Virginia, sister, Sue Phillips White of Bealeton, Virginia and Ronnie Phillips of Martin, Tennessee.

YOLANDA RICCI HARMAN died November 10, 1996.  She was a 1942 graduate of Welch High School.  On the day of her funeral her daughter Patty Harman died of an aneurism.   Yolanda is survived by her daughter Ann (Annie) Fuller Harman and son Jimmy Kiah Harman, his wife Judy and their children John Martin and Mary Beth Harman.  Yolanda is also survived by her sisters Elizabeth R. Powell, Elena R. Muckenfuss, Judy R. Pennington, Jeanne R. Blevins, and Josephine R. O'Neal.

MARY ORTIZ HARSANYNE  died September 6, 1996.  Mary  was a 1960 graduate of Welch High School.  Survivors include her husband, John Harsanyne; daughter, Mrs. Donald (Mary) Napier; sons, John Harsanyne and Jeffrey Harsanyne; brothers, Alfonso Ortiz, Catavito Ortiz, and Robert Ortiz; sister, Carmela Ortiz; and granddaughter, Julia Harsanyne.

Welch native, Terry Lucas, 67, died February 19, 1996 in a Charleston, WV nursing home.  The son of the late E.W. and Louisa Lucas, he was a retired educator having taught at Welch High School and Gary High School and was professor in the English Dept. for 25 years at West Virginia University, Morgantown. He was a veteran of the Marine Corps during the Korean War and a member of the "Footlighters," an amateur dramatic organization in Welch during the 1950s.  He was a lifelong member of the First Presbyterian Church, serving as an elder and member of the choir.  Survivors include seven aunts, Lucille, Mary, Audrey and Katherine Biago, Lola Burcker and Florence Bokey, all of Charleston and Mildred Bell of Welch; two uncles, Pete Biagi Jr. of Charleston and Ray Lucas of Cleveland, OH.

CHESTER MONROE MATNEY, WHS class of '43,  passed away on November 3, 1995.  Mr. Matney was born on December 11, 1924.  He was a lifelong resident of Welch, a member of the Anderson Memorial Presbyterian Church, and a well noted leader in the American Legion, Lions Club, and 40 & 8 Society.  He was former representative of the West Virginia House of Delegates and at the time of his death, a member of the Welch City Council.  He is survived by his wife, Lois Dodson Matney of Welch; three daughters Judy Matney Smith, of Morgantown; Jeanne Matney Westfall, of Clinton, NC; and Jayne Matney Hall, of Remington, VA; and six grandchildren.

STRICKLER POLLOCK, a 1952 graduate of WHS, died in August 1995 in Grove City, PA of complications from lymphoma, diabetes, and a stroke.

MARY KATERINE SHEFFEY, WHS class of 1960, died January 12, 1995.

JAMES D. "JIMMY" WARREN, WHS class of 1973, born April 18, 1955; died January 21, 1995.

WANDA GAY HOPSON POTEET died in 1995 in  Lancaster, PA.

RICHARD LEE HICKS, who graduated WHS in 1956, died in Spring of 1995.

RANDAL JAMES MABRY,  age 36, passed away December 9, 1995.  Randy was born January 29, 1958.  The son of Connie and Dorothy (Dot) Mabry of Welch, he was a 1976 graduate of Welch High School and was self employed as a carpenter.  Funeral services were held December 12, 1995 by Rev. Ted Osgood at Fanning Funeral Home in Welch.  Burial followed at the Liberty Hill Cemetery in Hillsville, Virginia.  In addition to his parents, he is survived by one daughter, Kayla Mabry of Welch, one brother and sister-in-law, Rick and Pam Mabry of Bluefield, Virginia, one niece, Crystal Mabry of Bluefield, Virginia, paternal grandmother, Lucy Mabry of Hillsville, Virginia and numerous other relatives.

"TOM" MARVIN HARLESS 46, of Louisa, KY, formerly of Welch, WV died Friday, Sept 2, l994.  Born June 30, l948, in Bristol, Va, he was the son of Helen Spriggs Harless of Welch and the late Marvin Willard Harless.  He was a miner employed by Wolf Creek Coal Company and a master Mason in the Masonic Lodge ll2 AF&M, Welch.  Tom was survived by one brother Phil Harless of Welch and two sisters Sissy Watts of Welch and Gayle Harless of Richmond Virginia.

TONY J. BATTLO passed away on June 17, 1994.  He is survived by his wife Nannie Ruth Ayers Battlo (Gary High School Class of 1950),  daughters Toni, Theresa, Jennifer and Gemma.  Nannie Ruth resides in Princeton, WV.  Toni lives in Bluefield and is married to Bill Albert and their children are David and Christie.  Theresa lives in Welch, is married to Kenneth Bales and their children are Nikki and Deana.  Jennifer lives in Charleston, WV and Gemma lives in Richmond,VA.

BERNICE E. WALDRON,  WHS class of '45, died March 1994 in Winter Park, FL.  She was a native of Welch and had been an English and German teacher at Seminole Community College near Orlando, FL for many years.  Bernice was preceded in death by a sister, Margaret Jane Waldron, who graduated from WHS in the late thirties.

H. PAXTON WALKER, who graduated from Welch High School in 1944, died November 25, 1993.

FLORA ANGELA BURKS, 1977 WHS graduate, died October 9, 1993 in Westbury, NY.

Mass of Christian Burial was conducted September 18, 1993 for Helen T. Las, 71, of Welch, who died September 15, 1993 in a Bluefield hospital. Father Donald Meuret served as celebrant at St. Peter's Catholic Church, Welch. Burial followed at Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Courthouse Road, Princeton. Born January 29, 1922 in Csernely, Hungary, Mrs. Las was a daughter of the late Louis and Margaret Antal Toth. She was a resident of Welch the past 45 years and a member of St. Peter's Catholic Church. She was a graduate of West Virginia University and a retired librarian from Welch High School and Mount View High School. She was a member of the Retired Teachers Association of McDowell County and St. Theresa's Altar Society. In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by her husband, Frank Las. Survivors include sister Irene Charney; nephews Christopher Charney and Michael Charney; and great niece Jessica Charney.

DELORES GRUBB MILES who graduated from WHS in 1956, died August 9, 1993.

ALBERT C. CARRIGER, JR., age 47,  of Bluefield, WV, died November 11, 1992. Born in Capels, he was the first son of Bessie Santo  Carriger of Bluefield and the late Albert C. Carriger. He was a licensed  private investigator and psychiatric clinical counselor. He was the prior  owner of Carriger Detective and Security Agency, a 1989 graduate of  Liberty University and held an M.A. degree in clinical counseling and  specialization in Drug and alcohol abuse. He was affiliated with the Methodist  faith. He was a licensed commercial pilot with ratings in both airplane  and helicopters and the recipient of the Federal Aviation Administration's   highest award, "The Medal valor," for his heroism in landing his personal helicopter atop a burning skyscraper in  New Orleans, LA, rescuing two persons trapped on the roof of the burning building. He holds two honorable  discharges from the U.S. Army and the National Defense Service Medal. Other than his mother, survivors include one sister, Peggy  Spratt of Roderfield; and one brother, Bob Carriger of Bluefield.

BOBBY RAY PHILLIPS, WHS class of 1959, died August 1992.  He worked as a meteorologist at the Charlotte NC airport. He is survived by three children,  Deanna, Bobby, and Chris, his wife, Nan and three grandchildren.  Survivors also include his brothers  Jimmy and Ronnie and sisters Pricilla and Susie.

LAURA B. ROMANS  SUBLETTE passed away on August 5, 1992 at her residence in Houston, Texas.   Laura was born in Hensley, WVa on February 12, 1931 and grew up in Capels, WVa.   She was preceded in death by her husband, Artie M. Sublette, a sister, Joann Romans,  her father Wm. E. Romans, sister, Gloria Louise Romans Jones,  and son, Alfred Eugene (Gene) Taylor.   She is survived by her Mother, Sarah G. Romans, Crockett, TX, formerly of Havaco, WVa, sons, William E. Taylor, Houston, TX, John Wesley Taylor, Houston, TX; daughters Laura Jean (Misty) Trinkle Williams and husband, Bobby, of Broaddus, TX, Rebecca Lynn Trinkle McLemore and husband, Charles, of Lufkin, TX, six grandchildren,  sisters Betty (Jackie) Romans Gallagher and husband, Bob, of Minden, NV, Rhea Romans Worsham and spouse, George, of Houston, TX, brothers Edward Romans and wife, Betty, of Nice, CA, Bill Romans and wife, Jan, of Brasstown, NC. Laura graduated from Welch High School in 1949.

WILLIAM KAILING, WHS  class of 1956, died July 30, 1992.

RONDAL R. BISHOP, WHS class of 1955, passed away unexpectedly at  the age of 54 in April, 1992 in Norfolk, VA.  He served in the US Navy for 30 years, was employed by the Norfolk Police Department when he passed away. Survivors included his wife, Nellie Wylie (deceased in 1997), a son and two daughters, and six grandchildren.

CAROL ROBERTS ENGLAND, who graduated from WHS in 1956, died February 28, 1992.

EVELYN ARNOLD WALKER, a 1944 WHS graduate, died June 19, 1991.

ANNA MARIE WHITE BOWLES, attended WHS until  1954; died April 1991 in Richmond, VA.

DANIEL LEE MCCOY, graduated class of 1967
Born December 18, 1949......died January 1991

RAYMOND EARL JONES, 37, died September 17, 1990 in Brunswick, MD.  He was a 1971 graduate of WHS. Survivors include his wife, Linda Russ Jones (WHS '73), daughters Sabrina and Heather, his mother, Naomi, sisters: Ramona Sigler and Sue Gibson,  of Brunswick, MD, Diane Frye, Knoxville, MD, Donna Jones, Boonsboro, MD, Deborah, Maysville, KY, Anitia Owens, Atlanta, GA, and Earlene Baker, Decatur, AL.

ANTHONY C. "TONY" LUCION, 55 died April 24, 1990, in Virginia following a long illness.    Born 11/16/34, at Hensley, he was the son of Ella Hill Lucion of Hensley and the late Robert Lucion.    Mr. Lucion was a 27 year resident of Wyoming County, member of the Matheny United Methodist Church, 1953 graduate of Welch High School, disabled coal miner from Eastern Associated Coal Corporation, Kopperston Division and  member of UMWA Local Union 7604.    He was preceded in death by a son, Kenneth L. Lucion, two brothers, D.D.  Lucion an infant brother and three sisters, Betty Jean Lucion and Lorraine Alberty and an infant sister.    Survivors include his wife, Nancy Wellman Lucion, a son, Anthony Greg Lucion of King, N.C., a daughter, Lisa Fay Browning of Mt. Airy, N.C., four brothers, Albert Lucion of Dublin, Va., Robert Lucion Jr. and Phillip Lucion, both of Hensley and Henry Lucion of Big Sandy, six sisters, Annie Alberty of Stephenson, Angelina Hall of Sumter, S.C., Katie Dotson of Oak Cliff Va., Judy Bailey, Sandra England and Pauline Lucion, all of Hensley, and three granddaughters.

Funeral service was conducted February 16, 1989, for Robert William Gray, 67, who died at his home February 12.  Born January 25, 1922 in Eckman, Mr. Gray was a son of the late Louis F. and Uriel Hurd Gray. He was a graduate of Beaver High School, Bluefield, where he was active in sports and achieved All State in Basketball in 1940. He was a 1946 graduate of Concord College with a BS Degree and attended Ohio State University, where he earned his master's degree. He was a veteran of the United States Navy. He began teaching Biology at Welch High School in 1947, was recognized as West Virginia Biology Teacher of the Year in 1972, and retired from Mount View High School in 1983. He was a member of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, the Welch Lions Club, the 40&8 Society, and the American Legion. At the time of his death he served as City Clerk. In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by his wife Artemis Symon Gray in April, 1988. Survivors included son Robert J. Gray; daughter Diana Gray; brothers James Gray and Cecil Gray; stepmother Beulah Gray; grandchildren Emily Gray and Elizabeth Gray; and daughter-in-law Sue Gray.

EMILE EMANUEL YOUNG, age 32, of Laurel, Maryland, departed this life December 16, 1988.  Born December 6, 1956 in Bluefield, WV to Ruth and Everest Young of Kimball, he was a member of Lovely Zion Missionary Baptist Church.  He received his education in the McDowell County school system, and was a member of the Class of 1976 at Welch High School.  As a student, he was a member of the basketball and football teams.  He leaves to mourn his wife, Shirley Terry and two daughters, Veronica and Danielle all of Laurel, MD; his parents, Ruth and Everett Young of Kimball, WV; two brothers, Dana Young of Huntingdon, PA and Robert Jordan of Easton, PA; five sisters, Evelyn Walker of Danville, KY; Maria McKiver of North Haven, CT; Patricia Young of Forestville, MD; LaQuita Solman of Allentown, PA and Myrna Young of Suitland, MD; and a host of nieces, nephews, many other family members and friends.

PAMELA DOUGLASS GRUBB MAYHALL, born May 6, 1939, died at home of cancer June 28,1988. Pam is survived by husband, Travis L. Mayhall son, David Allen Mayhall, daughter, Stacy Lynne Mayhall; and her parents Frank A. and Reba Douglass Grubb, all of Tucson Arizona, brother Douglass A. Grubb, Glendale, Arizona and Robert L. Grubb of Irvine,California and many many close friends. Pam graduated valedictorian, Welch High School, in 1957. She  received bachelor of science, masters and doctorate degrees from the University of Arizona, all with distinction.  Pam served as a probation officer 1960-1972 and thereafter worked as a full time faculty member at Pima Community College.  Pam authored three editions of a widely utilized text on police community relations and co-authored books on the subjects of child abuse and restorative nursing.  She served as a national consultant in the area of criminal justice and youth care and taught workshops on a variety of subjects throughout the state of Arizona. Pam also edited and contributed to her mother's books.

Funeral service was conducted April 6, 1988 for Artemis Symon Gray, who died April 4 at her residence after a lengthy illness. Born in Clifton Forge, Virginia, Mrs. Gray was a daughter of the late Peter and Kyriaki Symon. She was a graduate of Welch High School and Concord College and began her teaching career at Davy and War. She also taught at Gary High School, St. Albans High School, and Welch High School, retiring from Mount View High School in 1983. She was a member of the Chaminade Club of Welch and St. Luke's Episcopal Church, where she was a member of the choir. Survivors include her husband, Robert W. Gray; daughter Dianna Gray; son and daughter-in-law Robert J. and Sue Gray; granddaughters Emily Gray and Elizabeth Gray; sister and brother-in-law Woodrow and Louise Symon; and niece Sandra Carter.

LEWIS BARY, 46, of Williamstown, NJ, formerly of Welch was killed in a tractor-trailer accident September 9, 1988, in Philadelphia, PA.  Lewis is the son of Justina Bary of Stafford, VA and the late Quinto Bary.  Additional survivors include his wife, Donna Basconi Bary; one daughter, Tammy McDonald and one son, Lewis V. "Chip" Bary II, both of Williamstown; one brother, Thomas of Stafford; and one granddaughter, Ashley.

RAYMOND EANES, passed away in August  1987.  He attended WHS  from 1966 - 1970.

WILLIAM HERBERT LACKEY, 1953 WHS graduate, died August 2, 1985.  Mr. Lacky was aboard a  jumbo airliner that crashed while landing at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.


BUFORD MUNCY, WHS class of 1957, died July 2, 1982.  He is survived by his wife, Mary Virginia Grego, class of '59.  He had six children, Greg, WHS class of 1977, Pat, John, Billy, Melissa and Cecil.

CATHERINE MOORE SEELYE, WHS  class of '43, died in October 1982 in Hillsborough, NC.  She was a native of Welch and had been a Documents Librarian at the University of Connecticut at Storrs and the University of NC at Chapel Hill.  Catherine is survived by a sister Martha M. Grahamm, WHS '47, of Southern Pines, NC and a brother, John M. Moore, WHS '42, of Ocala, FL.

ROY ENGLAND. WHS class of 1962 died prior to 1982

HELEN SIZEMORE, WHS class of 1962 died prior to 1982

DONALD GOUGE, WHS class of 1963 died prior to 1982

RICHARD MCGAN, WHS class of 1963 died prior to 1982

HAZEL NOE, WHS class of 1963 died prior to 1982

CAROLYN SUE MOWDY BRADFORD, died on March 21, 1981, from a 2 year illness. She is survived by her parents, James C. and Martha Ellen Mowdy of Davy;  her husband, Paul D. Bradford; and children, Renee, Paul Jr., and Crystal.  Carolyn was a 1964 graduate of Welch High School.

PAMELA MONEY GALLEGOS, 1988, Salem, Virginia

PARIS HYMES, WHS class of 1968, died in Philadelphia during the 1980s.  He graduated from WVU where he was a member of the KA social fraternity.

LEONARD TSAI, age 34, died April 18, 1977, in Columbus, Ohio of cancer.  Dr. Tsai came to Welch with his family in 1958 and graduated from Welch High School in 1960.  He received his doctorate in electrical engineering at Ohio State University and joined the staff of the electrical engineering department of the University of Mississippi where he had a brilliant career.  He is survived by his wife, Rose; one son, Tommy; his parents, Dr. and Mrs. T. F. Tsai of Worthington, Ohio; two sisters, Loretta of San Diego, CA and Shelia of Vancouver, BC; and one brother, Dr. David Tsai of Pasadena, CA.

REGINALD THOMAS FARMER, age 17, died of injuries suffered in a car-truck accident in 1966.  Born June 15, 1949, he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Farmer of Premier.  He was a senior at Welch High School and a member of the DeMolay and the Premier Methodist Church.  Additional survivors include his sister, Carol Farmer.

DORIS KATHERINE BURTON VENABLE, WHS class of 1941, died January 15, 1975. She is survived by two sisters, Elizabeth Burton Drees and Clara Burton Reginaldi; 3 children - Deborah Halsey, CR Venable and Jeff Venable.

JAMES MATHEW LESTER - Full military funeral service for SFC Lester, 39, a former resident of Havaco and member of Welch High School class of 1953, , who died in Germany on August 3, 1974, was conducted at the Gearing Witter Funeral Chapel with the Rev. Deward Frazier officiating.  Born in Hensley, he was the son of Matthew and Elizabeth Blankenship Lester.  Survivors include his widow, Dorothy Hamm Lester; four daughters, Linda, Judy, Evelyn and Carolyn Lester, all of the home; three sisters, Mrs. Gladys Cadle and Mrs. Janice Lacy, both of Daniels and Mrs. Leona McCoy of Roderfield; and one brother, Billy Lester of Columbus, Ohio.

GEORGE (TUCKER) ROBERT WHITE, WHS class of 1966, died January 7, 1974, due to an automobile accident in Mary Ester, FL.  He was a Sergeant in the Air Force stationed in Florida at the time of the accident.  Born July 16, 1947, he is survived by his parents, Frank and Delphia White, wife Peggy, son Bobby, brothers Frank and  Jimmy,  and sisters Wanda Sue, Evelyn,  and Janice.

LOUIS E. LIONTAKIS, 36, of Welch died Friday morning September 22, 1972, in a Welch hospital after a short illness. A son of Emanuel and Frances Liontakis of Greece, he was born in Wheeling, West Virginia and was a graduate of Welch High School, class of 1955. He also graduated from Marshall University and at the time of his death was a teacher at Iaeger Elementary School.  In addition to his parents, he is survived by two sisters Mrs. Vickie Skevofeelax of Greece, and Sophia Liontakis of Princeton, West Virginia, and two brothers, George Liontakis of Garden Grove, Calif. and Nicholas Liontakis of Chicago, Illinois.

FRANK FOWLER, 21,  died January 4, 1971, from injuries suffered in a mining accident at Keystone mine of Eastern Associated Coal.  He was a 1967 graduate of Welch High School where he earned a commendable reputation as a tackle for the football team.  He attended Ferrum Junior College in Ferrum, VA, and Concord College before going to work at Keystone.  Survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fowler of Premier; his wife, Sherry; and a sister, Cynthia.

CHARLES BENNY CIAMPANELLA who attended WHS in the mid-60s passed away in 1989.

SHARON JANE JORDAN, graduate of the class of 1969, died on October 7, 1989.  Born November 10, 1951, Sharon was a daughter of the late Hernon and Annie L. Jordan of Kimball. Her survivors are her brothers and sisters:  Stephen E. Jordan, Dandridge L. Jordan, Debra Anne Jordan, Jennifer I. McFarland, Denise L. Jordan and Jeffrey H. Jordan.  Preceding her death, Sharon lived in Syracuse. NY.  She was employed as District Manager for a convenience store chain. For more than 12 years, Sharon devoted much of her personal time to teaching Bible study and other missionary work.

JIMMY MARINO died in 1971.  He would have graduated with the WHS class of 1973.

CECILIA GATUSSO, Welch High School class of 1967, died December 16, 1969.

Info taken from the Vietnam War Memorial web as follows:

David Lee Sackett
1Lt-02- Army-Regular
25th Infantry Division

Born Oct. 8, 1946
Died Oct. 24, 1969 in BING DUONG, SOUTH VIETNAM

Welch High School graduate of 1964

DANIEL PRICHARD, son of Nancy C. Prichard of Welch and Roy Prichard of Princeton, Daniel Prichard died July 26, 1969.  He was a 1966 graduate of Welch High School where he was a member of the DeMolay chapter, the Key Club and Letterman's Club.  He was attending Marshall University where he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha national fraternity.  He was also a former employee of Pocahontas Fuel Company and had enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was scheduled to enter service in the fall of 1969.  In addition to his parents, survivors include a brother Tommy and a sister Mary Jean.

64, died 7/5/68 following an early morning coronary attack at his home in Welch.  Mr. Richardson had retired effective 7/1/68 as principal of Welch High School, a post he had held since 1953.  A relative of Bannockburn, Scotland, Richardson started teaching in 1924. He received his A.B. degree from Concord College in 1929 and his M.A. degree from WVU in 1935.  He first taught in McDowell County's Browns Creek District.  In 1928 he went to Elkhorn as teacher and in 1935 became principal at Elkhorn High.  In 1953 he replaced Guy M. Hollandsworth as principal at Welch High.  A graduate of Welch High, Dr. Richardson played on Welch  High's first football team and was a popular sports official in the area. He was an elder in the First Presbyterian Church, in which he and his family were members and a member of the Kiwanis Club.  Richardson also was a member of the Masonic Lodge, Raysal Arch Chapter, Knight's Templar and Beni-Kedem Shrine.  He is survived by his wife, the former Margaret Karnes, a retired teacher; a daughter, Mrs. John Pike of Welch, and two brothers, Alex of Jewell Ridge, VA and John of Scotland.

JULIUS (CORKY) FOSTER  died in combat in Vietnam February 22, 1968.  Lance Cpl. Cartwright, a native of Welch, was born September 28, 1938.  Survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Foster, Jr., Winston-Salem; a brother, Walter S. III (Punky) Foster, Winston-Salem and grandfathers, Julius Cartwright of Welch and Walter Foster of Winston-Salem.  After one tour of duty with the Marines in Vietnam, Corky was discharged in February 1967.  He returned to West Virginia University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in history the following August.  He was a member of Phi Epsilon Kappa fraternity and was active in the Young Republican Club in Morgantown. Following a marathon walk of 400 miles from Welch to Camp Lejeune, NC to emphasize "the effort being made by other Americans" in the Vietnam war, Corky re-enlisted in the Marines in September 1967 and requested immediate duty overseas.  He was sent to Camp Pendleton, CA and on December 6 arrived at his final destination.  His death occurred at Quang Tri, a short distance from the DMZ.

CAROL LYNN MILLS, 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther J. Mills of 63  Summers Street, Welch, died January 17, 1968 in the Stevens Clinic  Hospital.  She had been ill of leukemia shortly over one year.  Carol was a 1965 Honor Graduate of Welch High School. She attended nursing school in  Charlotte, NC until her illness forced her withdrawal.

TIMOTHY MONEY died when he was a senior at Welch High School. (Exact date of death unknown.)  He would have graduated with the class of 1968.  He was the son of Samuel and Frances Basham Money of Welch.

DAVID ARKELL died  in 1967 due to an automobile accident.  He would have graduated with the WHS class of 1971.

CHARLES W. " DENNY" BALCOE, age 20, and son of Mr. and Mrs. William Charles Balcoe of Premier, was killed September 29, 1967 in Vietnam. He attended Welch High School where he played junior and senior high football.  He had been in the Armed Forces for three years and had spent 21 months in Vietnam.  He was scheduled to come home October 22. While in Vietnam he voluntarily supported 20 Vietnam children, 19 of whom were in school.  He had rented a house and hired a Vietnamese maid to care for the children.   He was on his second tour of voluntary duty in Vietnam.  Additional survivors include a brother, Darrell Eugene Balcoe; two sisters, Mrs. Frank Marino and Mrs. June Walker; grandfathers, Noah Mahaffey with whom he made his home, and George Balcoe of Thorpe.

ROBERT SCHWARTZ died October 20, 1965.  The son of John P. & Pauline Schwartz, he was born February 18, 1938.   He was a 1955 graduate of Welch High School.  He also graduated from Concord College and received his Masters Degree at West Virginia University.  He formerly taught and coached at Coalwood Junior High School in McDowell County.  He was employed by the Arlington, VA school system  the 3 years preceding his death.  In addition to his parents, survivors include the maternal grandmother Mrs. Dora Pennington of Charleston, a brother John Phillip Schwartz of the US Air Force in Waco, Texas, two sisters, Lakey Schwartz of Harrisonburg, VA and Vanyla Schwartz a student at West Virginia University.

ALICE SNUFFER SANDERS, 1960 Graduate of Welch High School, died July 6, 1965.

DOREN L. MABE died  August 30, 1963, when a motorcycle he was riding went out of  control and struck a utility pole throwing the rider through a plate glass window on lower McDowell Street.  Doren was a 1962 graduate of Welch High School.  In addition to his parents, he is survived by a brother, Roderick Mabe, and maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Rogers of Welch.

PAULINE BURTON SALA, WHS class of 1950, passed away in 1961, at the early age of 30.  She is survived by her sister, Elizabeth Burton Drees, WHS Class of 1953.

GENEVA HARLESS, WHS class of 1961, died in November 1961.

JACKIE RAY ODHAM, 1957 WHS graduate, died as the result as a car accident in Florida in 1960.  Born December 13, 1939, he was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel David Odham of Capels, WV.  He was the husband of Billie Rae Fox, a graduate of Gary High School.

ANDREW L. GREER, PFC, 77th 105MMH Bn., 1st Cav. Div. , born in 1928, died October 13, 1950. He was a member of WHS's football and basketballs teams 1944-1946.  He is survived by Larry Greer, WHS class of '55.

JOSEPH GAMINDE, WHS class of  '48, passed away October 2, 1948, due to injuries received in an automobile accident. Joe was a star athlete of the WHS football team, a member of the Student Council, Athletic Scholarship Society, Letterman's Club, and vice-president of the student body.

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