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More Welch High School
Photos from the '40s
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Sue French Strother Finnerty, '44

Rosemary Brunschwyler, '45

Edyth Fleenor, '44

WBRW Radio Station - John Sinclair, Manager

(from the Scholastic Roto)

Back Breaker!

There's wear and tear on the spinal column when Claude Gills goes into his cheerleading act, but his zealous efforts really produce results from Welch (W.Va.) High School rooters.  Claude, of course, is the headless pepster in the center.  At the left is Carolyn Augustine and Rosemary Brunschwyler is at the right.

(from the Welch High School Maroon Wave):

Burns Picture Accepted by the Scholastic Press

Russel Burns' picture of three of  Welch High's cheerleaders, Caroline Augustine, Claude Gills and Rosemary Brunschwyler, was accepted as the number seven picture for the April issue of the Scholastic Roto, at the Journalism Department, University of Minnesota.  The Scholastic Roto, which appears in each issue of the Maroon Wave, is made up of pictures received from high schools all over the country.  Each month pictures are received at the University from different schools and are placed in the paper according to the rating they are given.  Russel's picture was taken during basketball season at a home game played between Welch and Gary.

Photos provided by Rosemary Brunschwyler Kenney, WHS '45

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