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The Brunschwyler Brothers:
Richard - WHS '43, William - WHS '40,  Philip - WHS '47, and John Paul - WHS '39

Margaret Brunschwyler, WHS '39

John Paul Brunschwyler, WHS '39


Richard Brunschwyler
in 2000

Former WHS Students at Funeral of Richard Brunschwyler, Montgomery, AL, September 2000

L-R:  Dick St. Clair 1944, Robert Stockner 1944,  Dr. Philip Brunschwyler 1947, 
Jeannne Stockner Brunschwyler 1943,  Judith Brunschwyler Donakowski (attended WHS 1950-1952), Rosemary Brunschwyler Kenney 1945, Brother John Paul Brunschwyler 1939, and 
Mary Kate Stockner St. Clair, 1946

Photographs provided courtesy of Rosemary Brunschwyler Kenney.

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